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  1. Production date changes + unresponsive dealer

    Well it looks like Dec 6 is going to stick unless they decide to boot you into MY22 (something that hasn't been done for anyone yet AFAIK). MY22 production begins the following week. Your dealer can't really do anything or tell you anything at this point; it's in the factory's hands. Anyone...
  2. “Early” 2022 order email

    "But until the production process begins, we won't tell you whether you're more likely to get your Bronco in April 2022 or August 2024."
  3. Portland Area Dealer Discussions

    Agree entirely. There's no one in the decision-making chain at Ford corporate who seems to take incentives into account when they set up how various programs and processes will work. Either they flunked Econ 101, or they simply don't care about setting up perverse incentives in their...
  4. Problems/questions re: customer satisfaction fund

    Actually averages out differently per dealer too. Part of the ill conception. Things that have to be true for a dealer to take part in this program: Dealer must be aware of the program and how it works. Questionable, considering how many dealers have mastered even the basics about the Bronco...
  5. Problems/questions re: customer satisfaction fund

    I am operating from the assumption that most customers aren't getting squat out of this ill-conceived program.
  6. ⏱ 2022 MY Bronco Begins Scheduling on 10/28 for Production Weeks 12/13, 12/20, 12/27

    Wow. Haven't heard anyone else getting that info. Sounds accurate, though. Pretty sure every soft top is going to be an early 22 order.
  7. ⏱ 2022 MY Bronco Begins Scheduling on 10/28 for Production Weeks 12/13, 12/20, 12/27

    Also, don't be surprised or outraged to see some mannequins getting produced the first week. I don't necessarily see this as a bad thing as I wouldn't really want my Bronco being the first one rolling off of a fresh assembly line.
  8. Regretting order?

    It might be more than you need (only you can answer that), but if you dislike the 32" tires, getting the 4.27 makes it less painful to upgrade to larger ones, either right away or when your Bronco is due for tire replacement. If you upsize your tires on 3.73 you might be wanting for power.
  9. Portland Area Dealer Discussions

    As long as they are updated before next Thursday when the scheduling begins, there's no harm. I haven't heard of any Portland-area dealer who has been particularly communicative about the Bronco order process. Also, I haven't heard of any Portland-area dealers ripping people off or botching the...
  10. You CAN move your Bronco reservation as of TODAY!!!

    Let's be honest here, since Ford won't be. It's not about a "glitch". It's not about volume either, because as far as we know, not a single order has been moved already. Ford had no plan for moving orders going into the MY22 switchover, and is still trying to figure out whether and how to do...
  11. ⏱ 2022 MY Bronco Begins Scheduling on 10/28 for Production Weeks 12/13, 12/20, 12/27

    Well there are some new options like manquatch and capable bumper too. But comparing base to base, there might be some minor part refinements but nothing significant enough that Ford has advertised it. Not really unusual for a basic model year turnover, especially considering the MY21 began...
  12. Day 7 and still no email from Ford?

    Received no email from Ford, but I changed trims and the reservations page updated correctly a few days later, so they've gotta have my order. Confirmed there was nothing in my spam folder too. Typical of the slapdash communications with this rollout.
  13. Another story of getting screwed by dealership(s)

    We really need a master list of dealers that are trash (surprise ADM at delivery or reorder). The old dealer list is too out of date and it’s probably easier to track the known bad ones than the known MSRP or less ones.
  14. Photos & Update From Bronco Dirt Mountain - Oct 19, 2021

    I find it kinda comforting to see that it's still there. At this point, the dirt mountain is as iconic as the Bronco itself.
  15. Update: resolved in part thanks to this community!...Dealer stated FoMoCo canceled my First Edition (VIN in hand)

    This is fishy. Call Ford because you need to hear this from someone other than your dealer.
  16. Tradeoffs - BL + High SAS vs BL + Lux

    Hell, on the 2.3L, the Badlands supposedly has better mileage with Sasquatch. Really any configuration of Badlands is a total brick. Not a whole lot of difference mileage wise whatever you do, whether SAS vs. non-SAS, 2.3L vs 2.7L, 2D vs. 4D.
  17. Where do I stand in line?? - Granger Ford Customers

    I'm not on any of that stuff, but feel free to plagiarize anything you want.
  18. Will we get 2022s?

    No argument here. We can understand Ford not having a roof or an engine to sell us. The allocation stuff was sprung on consumers with no warning and goes against what Ford has been saying about reservations for years. No free pass on that. I get why Ford might feel like they have no choice but...
  19. Portland Area Dealer Discussions

    There's hiccups, and then there's full on choking. This is a business model they are pursuing for multiple models, and it's not like they didn't have time to plan it out in detail. Communication should be the easiest piece. With this reservation list, they have a huge mailing list of customers...