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  1. Why did you get the 2.3 over the 2.7?

    I got the 2.3 MT with 4.7 rear axle in my BL trim bronco bc: 1. All aluminum. Wont rust 2. Lighter. Stop better. More nimble. No front end slide on steep trails like with my 2012 iron block raptor. 3. Engine mounted behind front axle. Handles better. 4. Better mpg 5. Manual transmission 6...
  2. Rear bumper…does this seem right?!

    If that is a 4WP bumper it def not right. I have one and it don't look like that one..
  3. Not your average ordinary manual transmission (2.3 MT)

    Doing that will fry your clutch sooner :)
  4. Downside of the attention: my Bronco got molested.

    Sorry this happened. Yet another reason why I have yet to park my bronco in public and leave it...minus 1 time at a national park where I could still keep an eye on it. When we returned...crowd of people around it.
  5. 3000+ miles - Ongoing Bronco Badlands Cross-Country Roadtrip

    Great pics and love the BL in Iconic SIlver! Mine is Area 51 but I first fell in love with an iconic silver bronco. So good and not many around. If I get another will be the iconic silver color. I'm currently still building mine out and breaking it in slowly. But next year I should...
  6. Not your average ordinary manual transmission (2.3 MT)

    I posted a review on auto stop install under another old username lol. You dont really need tools to do it. Maybe a screw driver and elbow grease. Awesome little upgrade! Get a sprint booster as well.
  7. Not your average ordinary manual transmission (2.3 MT)

    I Awesome. I was 7yrs old on a dirt road dtiving the 1988 sam. My real experience came when sneqking my dads '94 dodge viper rt/10 one of most dangerous MT cars at midnight when he was asleep (loud and he was a vietnam marine) at 14yrs old :)
  8. Bronco Used Values and Auction Prices

    Thank You. Not surprised bc in Bronco terms, badlands is best trim IMO. But they are all good. Prices not dropping folks. Used car prices are higher than new. I just sold my 2018 4Runner to buy bronco for MORE than I paid for it in 2018 when it was NEW.
  9. Show us your installed wheel / tire upgrades here! (Pics)

    Thanks. Aftermarket. They are 4WP side steps (4Wheel Parts). They have an entire section was parts made just for bronco from steps and tire holder which I have to shocks and upper control arm upgrades which I also have on mine. Check it out here. Link below. Ps-I added the grip tape to steps...
  10. [Updated with videos!] Kid Trax Bronco 2021 - my son's 1 of 1 Cactus Gray Motorized Powerwheels

    So awesome. What year was it? Fully understand cant take it with you/keep everything. It was time to move on. Hard thing to do. You should have kept it lmao. Jk Mine just cracked 100K miles when I sold it for peanuts in 2016. As soon as you hit 100k a special maint oight pops on dash telling...
  11. Not your average ordinary manual transmission (2.3 MT)

    I sold my last 1995 manual trans car last year saying same thing. I messed my clutch foot, the arch, bodyboarding in the ocean last year. Plus getting older. Ive had many manual trans cars and love to drive. But last year I hung up my gloves and said thats it, only automatics moving forward...
  12. [Updated with videos!] Kid Trax Bronco 2021 - my son's 1 of 1 Cactus Gray Motorized Powerwheels

    Oh man. You should have PM me. I would have bought it instantly. I had my 91 jeep for almost 25 years. Rebuilt it etc. I miss it so much. Good job removing rear bumper, I did same. I also had soft top. You dont have the OEM wheels but that is ok. If you had the grey interior with a manual...
  13. Show us your installed wheel / tire upgrades here! (Pics)

    Thanks. Moreso have steps for side protection while offroading and door protection while parked in public. One guy on here only had 300 miles on his last week, without side steps, took his kids to ice skate, parked away from crowd...and came out to go home only to find a nasty gash in his driver...
  14. Details & update for 2021 Bronco Badlands with steering rack failure on King of the Hill K2 Trail

    What happened was some guy was ripping ass in his bronco and somewhere along the way it broke a tie rod bc of too much ass rippage. Some blame the 37s others blame sissy footing the throttle. No one knows shit. Bottom line his rig is fubar and dealer no cover the warranty bc he scratched his...
  15. AR | STIRRUP OEM Rail Fitment, Billet Aluminum Side Step

    Awesome!! I would get these but just stayed up all night last night grip taping my current steps. Not in the market at this time but they look terrific!! Have fun at SEMA and lots of success. Great design you have...I wouldn't mind having one for the tailgate area..
  16. I Grip Taped My 4WP Side Steps!!

    See pics. This project took me 8 hours start to finish non stop (both sides). Dont let it fool you. This project really kicked my ass. And once I committed, there was no backing out. Ive done more projects to the bronco than days owned. And Im at about 45 days owned.. Grip project is 95%...
  17. The Ultimate Bronco Raptor Engine

    If its a ton of power in a manual transmission in a 2 door...Im in.
  18. Another Damaged Bronco On Delivery

    I really dont think the owner is going to care lol
  19. [Updated with videos!] Kid Trax Bronco 2021 - my son's 1 of 1 Cactus Gray Motorized Powerwheels

    Yes dude. Awesome. More of this!! Let us know how it goes. R u waiting till xmas for the reveal? I did similar, but with a jeep 4x4, when my son was around 3, to match my 91 old Renegade MT...which is gone but not forgotten. See pic of my xmas reveal...look at that face :) I painted his...