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  1. 11th Times the Charm. Pushed back, again.

    yeah for you this will be most appropriate ! For me I think "The Waiting" by Tom Petty will be a good choice
  2. 11th Times the Charm. Pushed back, again.

    You will always be reminded of your Bronco Ordering FIASCO when this one is played....
  3. 🛠 11/22 Build Week Group

    If we " hang in there" , "stay pumped" and not get bumped any further..... we could be the "Turkey Week Broncos"
  4. MRT 2021+ Bronco Axle-Back Exhausts Available Now!

    Most v6 engines are not tuned for sound. VERY FEW exceptions....ALFA BUSO So I'll be leaving mine nice and quiet. Now if you can make it sound like my Boxster on full boil, call me.
  5. MAP & ISA Employees Talk and Show Some Bronco Builds (As Promised). Thank You!

    okay I get it, its "iconic" 😜
  6. Shots fired guys….

    At least we get free swag.....
  7. TXAG96

    HABO - Houston Area Bronco Owners

    Yeah John Wilson is my guy but I usually have to email the general manager BrianNicholson in order to motivate John to send me an update....
  8. TXAG96

    HABO - Houston Area Bronco Owners

    Mind if I crash the party? I'm on the Roll Call list despite not having mine yet. Just got bumped form 11/15 to Thanksgiving week. I'll be amazed if I get mine before Christmas. I'm stuck with Autonation Gulf Fwy. Anyone else purchasing there?
  9. 🛠 11/22 Build Week Group

    Yeah first time for me but it appears that MANY forks have been kicked around MULTIPLE times. Why should I believe anything will be built the week of Thanksgiving?
  10. 🛠 11/15 build week group

    yep, sent form Ford on Saturday the 16th at 7:32pm.....:confused: My dealer doesn't know the meaning of the word "communicate"
  11. 🛠 11/22 Build Week Group

    I just got kicked out of the 11/15 group. I'm now in the 11/22 clique......for the time being. Return of the runarounds :rolleyes:
  12. 🛠 11/15 build week group

    Bye everyone, looks like the return of the Runarounds......I just got bumped to 11/22. Why would I have any faith that this thing will be built before Thanksgiving ?
  13. Emotional journey has ended

    Thanks and great minds think alike I suppose, I also have ordered a Badlands 2 Door....but in Rapid Red
  14. Emotional journey has ended

    You story is eerily similar to mine. I too lost my wife to cancer in April 2020. When the Bronco ordering thing happened in July, it was like a light bulb going off for healing and focus (North Star is a good way to put it). Yes the wait is getting painful as I hope to have mine in December...
  15. Sasquatch Suspension Flex Test: 2 Door Bronco (RTI – Ramp Travel Index)

    most of this is pissing for distance and will affect only about 10% of users and the other 90% will use it once per year. But is fun to discuss until our kit arrives....
  16. Rapid Red / Hot Pepper Red comparison?

    LOL, if the color fits....wear it. its just not mine. I Appreciate those with a sense of humor and I'll be the first to laugh at myself and university.
  17. Base Sasquatch Bronco wheeling in SoCal with 1" level kit, 37" KO2 tires, AC Fab Bumper and Sliders

    that's Rapid Red buddy! the best color out there....!
  18. Rapid Red / Hot Pepper Red comparison?

    Thats right, you guys also have an evil orange rival. Ours just bamboozled the SEC to let them in. They're like an annoying in-law, neighbor, co-worker , and crackhead all wrapped into one
  19. Rapid Red / Hot Pepper Red comparison?

    I was on the fence until I saw a new ranger pull up in the Gas station. There is WAY to much orange in the paint for me. So much so I'd have to turn in my Texas Aggie Credentials.... All the best to those who like it.