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  1. Adaptive Cruise Control

    Understood- just noting that the lane assist is not turned on by default..
  2. Washington State Fab shop

    PM sent back
  3. Anyone put in a second order for something else?

    I reserved two, ordered two, and will have two 2021s... I don't know what the heck I did to get two scheduled this year. I was actually hoping #2 would have been a 2022... FE delivered 10/7, Badlands built 10/22.
  4. Adaptive Cruise Control

    I just figured out that it DOES have lane centering "assist"- It is turned off by default, only the warning (shake of wheel) is active on delivery. It does correct on the wheel on my FE (lux package) There are more complete systems out there... but I am easily impressed. This is my first...
  5. I still haven’t seen a single Bronco out in public

    I parked next to one purposely the other day-- I knew both of us likely had never seen another one on the road
  6. Lightning Blue w/ XPEL PPF /Tint / Ceramic Coat and DYNOflex

    I was at Metropolitan Detail/Stek USA when they were first putting the film on a couple million dollar Ferrari, I don't think the film was released to the public yet. There was no distortion, no bubbles and you could tell it was there until they pointed it out to me. I joked about a $5,000...
  7. Anyone 10/18 week build in Western Washington?

    10/22 build, hoping to track the train with other Western Washington peeps. I have not got the built or shipped email, but it is showing on one of the trackers as an estimated 11/15-11/25 delivery. Based on my last experience if it ships Monday/Tuesday, 11/4-5 isn't out of the question...
  8. Garage Door Opener

    Having remote access (like at work) to open and close my garage door, has enabled me to let the kids in, the furnace repair company, the plumber, and the neighbor) You don't know how useful it is, till you try it.
  9. Garage Door Opener

    Lucky to have the visor buttons, but I am shocked that MyQ didn't have a Carplay compatible App. I would have guessed that it would be one of the first! Probably not going to add another device, but this is a much better solution than having to dig out the phone (which I have to do because of...
  10. Washington State Fab shop

    Call me crazy (or stupid)... I have a Warn 8274 that I want to mount on my Badlands. I am looking for a fab (or CAD) or CAD shop to put my napkin sketches in metal. I have been studying the Warn/Ford winch mount and the Warn bumper install and have some good thoughts on what I need/want to...
  11. Adaptive Cruise Control

    That is my understanding as well... though I have never seen a Ford official answer. We have a few F150s with AEB, but they definitely don't have ACC boxes... They DO have cameras in the windshield
  12. Finance question- loan not on credit report

    Took delivery on 10/8. credit karma blew up with the dealer shipping our loan. We have gotten emails welcoming us to the credit union, the account doesn't show up in credit karma... I haven't had ANY loans since 2010 and just started watching credit karma a few years ago. wouldn't really...
  13. 🛠 10/18 Build Week Group

    I believe if you look tomorrow it will have tomorrow's date.... it is just the date pdf is created
  14. Seattle-area PPF

    Mudflaps and wait for MD? They are the best in the area
  15. Update-Situation fixed-So my Bronco has come in.... & marked up 10k by DCH FORD OF EATONTOWN

    Hmmm not hard to connect the dots for who you work for/what dealership you might own.
  16. Ford parts counter people that would be willing to dig in on some parts

    I want to try and piece together some parts the performance catalog- Is there a vendor/someone here that works at a parts counter that would help me figure out if some of the Warn winch mount parts could be sourced individually. I am sure this thread will get moved, but I have no clue where it...
  17. Where do I stand in line?? - Granger Ford Customers

    Seriously curious- What happens when a lot of the 10/1 and later reservations drop out due to the multiple year wait? Does the allocation formula hurt even more? It looks like 1/2 of the "regular" reservations are before 10/1. More reservations leaving could hurt the numbers worse, is that...
  18. 🛠 10/18 Build Week Group

    My 2 Broncos are about 4 weeks apart,
  19. Bronco_Girl’s build journal

    That looks really good...