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  1. Hill start assist failure

    maybe I’m missing something here… your car shows as a Sasquatch in your Ford Pass (unless you named it that without the Sasquatch package) but they haven’t delivered any manual Sasquatch’s yet… is hill start assist still enabled for autos?
  2. Future Ford does it again

    setup a web form for us to fill out. it seems like the majority of your dealerships have been making very interesting decisions throughout this entire process, and your customers are pretty sick of it. i can tell you right now, as a Focus RS owner and Ford fan, i will never buy another Ford as...
  3. Not your average ordinary manual transmission (2.3 MT)

    yeah, that symbol means “start/stop condition not possible” it doesn’t mean “start/stop disabled” — this happens on the RS as well. It will switch from being grey with a line through it to being green and shut off the engine as soon as the condition can be met. It’s common to install tunes on...
  4. Not your average ordinary manual transmission (2.3 MT)

    Do you mean the light on the button remained on letting you know start/stop was disabled? Or do you mean it never hit a condition where start/stop was allowed to engage? They’re pretty different things altogether. If you’re running the AC pretty hard, for example, start/stop won’t engage even if...
  5. Not your average ordinary manual transmission (2.3 MT)

    I got used to hill assisted braking and auto-restarts on stalls with my Focus RS -- same 2.3L engine, but with a 6MT and a lot more boost. There's a lot of reasons I stuck with the 2.3L in the Bronco despite almost double the weight 😅 I will say, for all the nice features with these MT's the...
  6. M210 front drive axle unit - Dana M210 w/ 4.70 or 4.46 gears AND locker (aka Sasquatch front diff) available as standalone upgrade

    Yeah, I remember seeing the gear ratios for the rear locker change automatically when switching between 7MT and 10spd options, but didn't recall if it was displaying the front ratios as well. A non-squatch Badlands with the 7MT should be 4.7:1 all around then?
  7. M210 front drive axle unit - Dana M210 w/ 4.70 or 4.46 gears AND locker (aka Sasquatch front diff) available as standalone upgrade

    Does anyone have a spec sheet that shows F/R gear ratios, diff choices, etc. for each trim? Curious to know if the Badlands uses the same Sasquatch front diff when you have the 4.7 rear locker.
  8. Bay Area Broncos

    Nice work! Dealership and pricing information for those of us waiting for our deliveries?
  9. Possible remaining First Edition Bronco orders being canceled by Ford if not changed to non-FE trim [updated with official email]

    There's no evidence they added 3500 FE's a week later -- the email officially letting people know 3500 FE's were added came out a week later. It's much more likely they accidentally let way too many FE's get reserved on day one, and they had to add 3500 more to cover their asses.
  10. 📬 9/30 Scheduling email received group! [Post your reservation + build dates]

    No idea how mine got picked up, but I’m not complaining… Reserved 1/8/21 Ordered 3/13/21 Build week 11/22/21
  11. 📬 8/19 Scheduling Email Received Group

    Because a bad top isn't the end of the world? I've already weathered through the Focus RS head gasket saga, and here I am buying another 2.3L I4 turbo 😅 I'm practically immune to Ford's mistakes at this point edit: in case it wasn't obvious, my MIC 2.0 comment was in jest -- I hope they do...
  12. 📬 8/19 Scheduling Email Received Group

    I have faith that Ford can still mess up the MIC 2.0 plans 😬
  13. 📬 8/19 Scheduling Email Received Group

    I'm confused -- do you think it would be fair for you to jump in front of earlier soft top reservations, or First Edition reservations? Literally none of us should be in line in front of First Edition reservations. The only reason that's happening is because of the MIC fiasco in the first place.
  14. 📬 8/19 Scheduling Email Received Group

    Congrats y'all! Hopefully they can churn through all you early-res soft toppers in September production scheduling so us ultra-late reservation soft toppers can squeeze into 2021 😂
  15. I see why there is a lot of excitement over the Bronco

    PTU overheating is way less severe than engine overheating. I should know, I change my RS’s PTU fluid every 30k
  16. I see why there is a lot of excitement over the Bronco

    You mean that one bronco that arrived with a loose coolant hose?
  17. What was your out there door price, down payment, monthly

    And dealerships wonder why we don’t want to interact with them and prefer buying straight from the manufacturer instead. They tell us the sky is green non-stop 😂
  18. Hammock swag gift thread

    So the 1lb package is obviously the hammock some of us have already received -- spoiler alert, it's actually really well done. Props to Ford and Ten10 on that one. Has anyone received the 22lbs mystery box yet? Any guesses what that'll be?
  19. First look at Trail Armor by Lund on 2021 Bronco - Aeroskin Hood Protector, Front Corners and Rear Corners

    how long until pool noodle tow hook options are commodity constrained?