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  1. Shots fired guys….

    Nice 392. Imho far superior to any currently available Bronco.
  2. I’ve had more than one person think my Bronco is a Jeep…

    Well Ford did copy the Wrangler to make the Bronco. The 4 door JL and Bronco dimensions are very close.
  3. Mike Levine saying outright he does NOT care about Granger/Chapman/SAC

    Which is which? Hint: the Ford is the one that weighs an additional 4 or 500 lbs.
  4. Mike Levine saying outright he does NOT care about Granger/Chapman/SAC

    With all respect, a lot of you folks sound like someone who's being abused in a relationship, ...and keeps going back to the abuser. I never understood the whole "reservation" thing; for another American suv that's mostly a copy of a vehicle that's been for sale for years? I honestly mean no...
  5. 4dr Wildtrack compared to an Audi SQ5

    FWIW Audi Q5 and SQ5 I think are rated to tow 4500 lbs.
  6. Thoughts on Staying or Going?/Ordered 2022 Today

    I drove an 11' JKUR, mostly stock, for 6 years. Stock size tires, no major issues, went on a few road trips with 3 adults and 2 or 3 large dogs plus bags, did fine (but way underpowered, the new JL's are much better, also a bit larger than the JK's). JD Powers, problems per 100 vehicles, 2015...
  7. Bronco curb weight

    FWIW Motor Trend tested a 2021 Bronco 4 door OB, non-sas., it weighed 4828 lbs.
  8. Bronco curb weight

    Reviving a thread, the weight of the 4 door Bronco compared to a 4 door Wrangler is of interest to me. Am I correct that a non-sas. 4 door badlands roughly corresponds to a JLUR? Don't both come with 285/70-17 tires? (?) From C&D in 2018, a JLUR (soft top) weighed 4629 lbs...
  9. Car and driver test of the 392 rubicon Xtreme package.

    Awesome vehicle, much more than I need, but I love it. FWIW other reviewers have said the 392 was limited to 99 mph, but C&D from what I understand reports what the vehicle really does, in this review they're saying 12.9 seconds at 104 mph in the quarter.
  10. Jeep CEO's Response To Ford Bronco's Roof Problem Is Epic

    Yeah Ford is generally way ahead of Jeep in the annual JDPowers report, but there have been a lot of Bronco hard top problems so far. Just read the Motortrend review of the new Bronco vs the Wrangler, they were very, very critical of the Bronco hard top, and in the end judged the Wrangler better...
  11. 🦖 Bronco Raptor Officially Confirmed and Teased by Ford!

    Looks like the fenders extend up onto the body more than other Bronco's. Also the grill looks like it extends out towards the front more than other Bronco's. Looks good to me, can't wait to see the whole thing.
  12. ICONIC SILVER Bronco Club

    Photoshops only from a magazine's review photos. My apologies and please delete if photoshops aren't allowed in this thread. NOT real silver color photos.
  13. Video: Bronco Raptor spotted with FORD grille, amber DRL, wide third brake light

    Looks badass. So if its going to be 2022, when will we see it uncovered?
  14. Auto Trader Review of OBX Non SAS

    Good review, thanks for posting. I'm not sold on the Bronco, if I get one, it'd probably be something like this. 99% of the sasquatched and lifted Broncos will never go on anything challenging enough to have needed the larger tires/ lift.
  15. Bronco Warthog Hybrid PHEV

    Correct me if I'm mistaken, the Aviator hybrid only has that amount of power when the battery is fully charged? When the battery is dead, the power is much less, and you're lugging around a heavy battery? Don't get me wrong, I think a plug in hybrid Bronco would be great, just not sure if that...
  16. First Tow (of RZR) with the Bronco - Loving the 2.7!

    Good write up OP, thank you. This is the kind of real world towing report I was looking for. Sounds like a few add-on items, like maybe sumo springs, or an added sway bar, or maybe weight dist. hitch as others have noted, the towing might be even a bit more stable (?), just guessing, even though...
  17. The Gentleman's Offroader for Those Who Drink it Shaken Not Stirred

    Looks nice. Did they ever release that movie?
  18. Love parking next to Jeeps

    Arguing with strangers on the internet; why?
  19. Thinking about ordering a me out of it!

    The 392 is pricey, but is it out of line? Isn't a loaded 4 door Bronco $60k or so? I think a loaded non-392 Wrangler Rubicon can get up to $65k. So from that point of view; a 392 for $75k doesn't look that bad. I think you get some suspension improvements on the 392, the special hood/ water...
  20. Somebody did it, lowered Bronco, not really just a good render

    Is that a small scale model? Looks great; would be cool with an air suspension to lift it up when necessary.