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  1. 7/2 build is finally here, and it’s….(Updated)

    Do you have the black/brown leather too? If so, that's our exact build! Do the 32" tires look as small in person as they do in pictures? The B&P on made them look a bit beefier but I think that'll be the first thing we change out
  2. 🛠 11/1 Build Week Group

    Night before the 7th day, so PM of 10/27 I'd check
  3. Cool stickers...
  4. 🛠 11/1 Build Week Group

    "Week of 10/25"er here - I confirmed my build week/date with the chat support over on the Ford Performance site ( - confirmed a build date and the Window Sticker correctly populated at 9PM-ish ET 8 days out. Wanted to give you all a positive timeline...
  5. Confirm Your Build Date in less than 5 mins with Ford Chat

    Confirmed, my Window Sticker populated at 9PM-ish ET last night, so the night before a week out!
  6. Part number for center console grab handle delete plate Sticker Fab said they're working on vinyl inlays for all of the grab handles now, can just black them out for a few bucks
  7. Confirm Your Build Date in less than 5 mins with Ford Chat

    General consensus seems to be 7 days out or the night before (8 days out). If that holds then I should see mine populate tonight, I'll follow up if that's true.
  8. Rigid light bar bumper install

    Light setup looks awesome, love the Baja Designs kit too
  9. Confirm Your Build Date in less than 5 mins with Ford Chat

    Being a "Week of 10/25" build, I've been torturing myself looking for the window sticker practically every hour this week thinking something is wrong. Our good friend Anthony over at Ford Performance who we've just blown up this morning told me Day of 10/29 so it should hopefully be posted...
  10. Confirm Your Build Date in less than 5 mins with Ford Chat

    Awesome, thank you, Anthony also helped me out too.
  11. $500 Deposit on

    The DL part doesn't surprise me, they took a look at mine when I ordered. The $500 deposit (or anything beyond the original $100 reservation) is new to me. Did that show up on your status page on
  12. Chrome delete?

    Couldn't find the best comparison photos unfortunately but this is my RS with the third brake light (normally clear) and rear, lower reflectors (normally red) covered. Light and reflectors are still functional.
  13. Chrome delete?

    Not sure exactly what your goals are but this smoke tint from VViViD is super cheap, achieves the desired look, and keeps the lights 95% effective.
  14. Christmas Tree transporting with soft top

    Are you asking about just directly strapping a tree to your top without any sort of rack? Sounds sticky. At the very least I'd wrap the tree in a plastic tarp or mattress bag then run straps through your windows, protecting the contact points so you don't get any paint rubbing.
  15. Tried to convert my reservation , 10k mark up by Future Ford of Sacramento

    Granger also likely has a 5 year waiting list now with these allocation changes
  16. January 2021 order - questions

    Look for the email confirmation of your reservation
  17. BuiltRight Industries - Cargo Area MOLLE System - Seeking feedback!

    I'm likely in for some 4DR side panels, these look awesome
  18. Finally a Front license plate solution - order yours today

    This is as good as I've seen -
  19. Need Help! Just notified my 1st Edition will not be built and dealer should offer me a Badlands instead - What the...!

    Have them send you the WBDO for your order, that will show the priority code. If they 99'd it then you're likely SOL unless Ford Corporate can do something for you.