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  1. Will the Bronco Raptor will be 4 door only?

    Lol. Ok. Feel better?
  2. am i the only who feels this way? help a brother out

    everything has it's good and bad angles. just have to see them in person. That's kind of what the aftermarket and paint shop are for. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  3. Pics: My Non-Sasquatch Bronco Badlands with 35’s vs... Sasquatch Outer Bank - side-by-side look!

    Think it’s just the flares throwing off the proportions. looks good!
  4. Just test drove a 2 Door WT ... Eh! Some disappointing discoveries.

    There are going to be A LOT of people feeling this way. it’s not so much that it won’t be a good vehicle. There are just soooooo many people putting it on a pedestal. It’s just a car.
  5. Proper Tire Inflation for Aftermarket Tires

    I understand that you guys feel that the sticker is sufficient but unless you replace the stock tires on you vehicle with the same tire or a tire with very similar load numbers (weight @ psi) the sticker is no longer the go to. Had you done the math, chalk test or both, you may have found those...
  6. Proper Tire Inflation for Aftermarket Tires

    Yep. I get it. Most people don’t even think about this stuff. Not know where to even start looking for the info. But those people will go leave bad tire review.
  7. Proper Tire Inflation for Aftermarket Tires

    Really comes down to construction of the tire. Each tire is constructed differently. A Toyo m/t will be different than a Bfg a/t which is different than a Goodyear whatever. my old tires were 35s and max inflation was @ 65psi (don’t recall weight). These are 37s and max inflation is 75psi...
  8. Proper Tire Inflation for Aftermarket Tires

    Since this came up yesterday, I thought it would be a good thing to share. Most people assume the tire shop knows (or cares) what PSI you should run in your aftermarket tires. Most shops fill according to the door sticker or close to the max of the tire. For example, I just got BFG KM3s on my...
  9. Do you guys think future larger engine option might increase tow capacity?

    Probably not. Frame, suspension, and tires are the main limiting factors.
  10. 2021 Bronco 1" Leveling Kit - How to Install Video

    I think the best option would be to weld some bolts/studs to a plate on the bottom side of the A-arm and nut it from the top. I wouldn't want to hammer studs into those arms and expect that material to hold them.
  11. 2021 Bronco 1" Leveling Kit - How to Install Video

    HAHA. Understand that. I don't mind doing the work to pull them. My guy is just cheap enough that I've never felt compelled to dive in.
  12. 2021 Bronco 1" Leveling Kit - How to Install Video

    That’s 100% right. Having the confidence to try is 50% of the job, the right tools is 25%. You can bumble through the rest. You can watch all the YouTube videos you want but the only way to learn is to get your hands dirty. Edit: With the exception of an automatic transmissions. That shit is...
  13. Need Rear Locker if not off-roading?

    Something to consider is with open diffs, a 4wd doesn’t actually put power to all 4 corners (1 front 1 rear). At least with a locker, you’d have 3 wheel drive. Without a locker, the tire(s) with power is usually the one that doesn’t need it.
  14. Advice for would-be Bronco off-roaders

    Yep. In reality, the majority of the people who buy these vehicle won't NEED any of the buttons on the dashboard other than hazards. Rear diff and traction control will help you through most dirt trails. Front/rear diff and traction for mud and deep sand. Disconnect is good for when you...
  15. Incredible wear and tear on GY Territory MT tires

    Lol. You’re right. I don’t know shit and haven’t seen shit. Carry on with your ignorant bliss.
  16. Incredible wear and tear on GY Territory MT tires

    Yep. I’ve done that to MTRs, KM2s, TSLs and red label Krawlers. Reds wear more evenly since they are so soft. buddies have done the same to every tire they’ve run on their rock crawlers. KMTs, KR2s, KM3s, trepadors, and creepy crawlers, swampers etc. None of that is to say the Goodyear’s are...
  17. Incredible wear and tear on GY Territory MT tires

    If those are wheeled everyday, they look normal to me.
  18. Advice for would-be Bronco off-roaders

    AND…. Keep you’re arms and hands inside at all times. The roll bar is NOT a handle. Don’t touch it. It seems obvious but when you go over, the natural reaction is to hang on to what you got. If you’re holding a tube get ready to say bye bye to your fingers. Best thing to do is grab the bottoms...