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  1. Buying with a Credit Card

    My understanding from a former credit card company employee is that the bonuses and cash back are paid for by the vendors where the cards are used. It's pretty unethical. I don't use rewards cards. See interchange fees:
  2. *Look away Dave Ramsey enthusiasts* -- Buying Bronco with cash out home refinance?

    Just wanted to point out this thread died last September 2020. Otherwise, yeah, don't use home equity for cars.
  3. Heads-Up if you've got BD Aluminum wheels inbound

    Definitely looks like the tire mount machine scraped the highest point. Those spokes won't like curbs either.
  4. Soft Top Issue - Waterfall During Rain

    My 2015 wrangler has a stream near the front of the door in heavy rains (when you open the door). Unfortunately, that's a part of these soft top "lifestyle" vehicles. I've known people who try and sometimes successfully lemon wranglers over similar issues. When people start taking hard and...
  5. I don't understand why this winch mount solution hasn't been mass produced yet? (video in post)

    I installed front and rear $10 amazon cameras on my wrangler that I could display on my radio touch screen. Today there are better, higher resolution cameras available. However, my 2015 wrangler has a double din radio that is easily changed out for aftermarket. As of 2018 or so that's no...
  6. Are the KO2s on the stock Badlands Load Range 'E'?

    Anytime you change load ranges and tire sizes it's not a bad idea to do a chalk test on the tires (google it). I run BFG KO2s load range D 34x10.5-17s on my wrangler. The chalk test revealed they work best (best contact patch and even wear) when I run them around 30psi. The stock BFG KMs are...
  7. Snow vs. Car Wash

    I hand wash all of my cars. My wife uses automatic car washes only. If you don't like hand washing I guess you have to risk a touchless and hope the air dryers don't blow the soft top off. Good luck. EDIT: I think most Jeep folks' concern is the chemicals and any automatic brushes that would...
  8. Powertrain Malfunction

    Sorry to hear of the issue. I really like the manual transfer case in my wrangler for this reason. I had to troubleshoot and replace a 4x4 controller on a 2000s explorer sport track for a friend one time. My parents' silverados transfer cases also had issues that left them without 4WD several...
  9. Are you a first time Ford owner? Survey says:

    If you were a member of this site before July 2020, you were much more likely to be an antique bronco owner, car buff, or ford person. The gates really opened up when the online reveal happened. I was interested in a bronco, but as the details came out about towing, tops, electronics...
  10. Rock Crawling - Please Help Me Understand the Appeal

    For me, I just don't like spotters who will not leave you alone. I like spotters who don't get in front of the vehicle and only talk if I'm about to screw up real bad. Otherwise, I want to drive my damn vehicle. I've been on a few rides where I purposefully ignore the self appointed spotters...
  11. Would You Like to See a Value Package?

    Waking this thread up. I'd like to see an all manual bronco. My wrangler is a 2015 rubicon with manual everything. It doesn't even have bluetooth. I don't think you can even buy a stripper rubicon anymore. Sucks for minimalists like me.
  12. It’s 2024. Your second Bronco… what would you like to see?

    Solid front axle? :D I'd really like to see a larger naturally aspirated motor. I've seen a few four doors in the wild the last few weeks. I haven't looked at one close up, and I'll probably avoid it until they're selling lower than MSRP at dealers. Maybe 2024?
  13. Rear view camera mirror

    My 2010 F150 has the backup camera video in the rear view mirror, thought it's smaller. I added it to my XLT by buying a rear view mirror off ebay and the backup camera and tailgate handle off a superduty. The superduty handle used to fit F150 tailgates.
  14. Changing your own oil?

    I have a draft email in my gmail account where I keep all the filter part numbers, oil weight, capacity, other info on my cars. Makes shopping easy. I do the same thing with recipes, shopping lists, and covert communications with my mistress. ;)
  15. Changing your own oil?

    I meet lots of suburban and urban folks who don't change their vehicle oil due to disposal issues. It likely depends on the state, but many auto parts places take used oil. Take it in the next time you buy the filter and oil. I take mine to the local county dump when I take my kitchen garbage...
  16. Bronco Badlands Sasquatch on 37’s + Maxlider Brothers 4” lift kit

    My BFG KO2 34x10.5 tires only measured 33" inches new. A search on the 37" KO2 shows 36" mounted and 35.5" bearing vehicle weight. Any idea what these tires actually measure?
  17. What features will I lose if I opt for manual transmission?

    You playing with Live Rattlesnakes or just use ennui in sentences a lot? :LOL: All my vehicles are manuals except my F150. Jeep, Subaru, two Yamahas. Wait, my tractor is hydrostatic. I like control over lockup.
  18. Mirror whistle issue

    If it's the plastic gap, I'd get some clear silicon and fill the gap around the mirror. I've seen vortex generators on side mirrors somewhere. Can't have laminar flow over holes and gaps without some noise. The temporary mirror on my 2015 wrangler I use when the doors are off has red duck...
  19. Just test drove a 2 Door WT ... Eh! Some disappointing discoveries.

    I daily drove an 03 Cobra for three years, and that pretty much ruined most cars for me. Even my 2015 Mustang GT didn't compare to a roots supercharged V8 that was tuned. I suspect there's a lot going on with the wastegates on the turbos, because squeezing everything out of turbos doesn't...
  20. Just test drove a 2 Door WT ... Eh! Some disappointing discoveries.

    Same here. The speaker system in my '10 F150 XLT, wife's '12 Titanium Focus, '13 Explorer Limited, my '15 Mustang GT all are pretty pathetic. The Alpine upgrade in my '15 wrangler rubicon is the best factory system I've ever had. And, at that time, the factory radio is a double din unit that...