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  1. A point of contact for SoCal buyers - Kearny Mesa Ford

    When I bought a Toyota I went with what the dealership gave me but I went later that week and fond a better loan then what Toyota gave me .
  2. Am I the only one with a priority code of 80?

    I think you confessed what that email from Ford means ,all it means is your dealer sent in your order in just like all the other 150,000 people got the same email this year for 2021 order and have or well get for 2022 or and well get for 2023 order and well get for the 2024 order .The Priority...
  3. Locking Lug Nuts

    I am with you and I park my vehicle in the garage so I am not to worry about it
  4. Ordered 10/13/21, got confirmation email today from Ford

    if you put in a reservation on same day as order then you might be looking at 2025 sense Ford still has not build most day 1 reservations orders.
  5. Will Ford Push Back MY22 Start Date?

    Its a giving my22 well be pushed back Ford has not lets us down yet have they .I have a 8/23/20 reservation and sent in my22 order but I did not take it serious because I dont think I get mine in 2022 anyway sense Ford still working on first day reservation and i did not give the salemen a hand...
  6. More Bronco Swag Incoming from Ten10 Design

    one pound of crap
  7. Anyone that can help about changing deslerships after 10 k markup ?

    my dealership sent out emails saying Ford would send out emails saying your 2022 order was converted even if was not yet .
  8. Nevada Bronco Club

    None of the dealers in Vegas no anything .I talk to them all and meet the guy who was in charge of ordering at Team Ford and he knew nothing .I am getting mine KearnyMesa Ford in San Diego and they great at keeping me updated and they seem to no a lot what's going on with the Bronco.
  9. Future Ford again

    My dealer sent out e mails today saying that Ford was going send out e mails saying your order converted but that was a mistake on Fords part because he has not sent in all order or got all order yet so your dealer did not send in a order for you
  10. Nevada Bronco Club

    @JNSki my dealer had me send in a new order even that my 2022 is the same as 2021
  11. Base Model Bronco Thread

    I ordered the exact something and I have a 8/23/20 reservation and I am guessing I get mine in 2023 if I still want it by then .
  12. Changing my order from a 2021 to a 2022

    I think you need to find a dealer who knows what going on and what to do.
  13. Whats standard on a Big Bend

    thanks ,thats what I thought
  14. Whats standard on a Big Bend

    I mean tent ,not dent
  15. Whats standard on a Big Bend

    I am a little confused what comes standard a Big Bend .I was told that heated seats were standard on the Big Bend but B&P does not show it does so does it or not .The only thing I can see that comes on the Big Bend and not on the Base is one grab handle ,dent back windows and one more GOAT gear...
  16. Ordered?

    dont worry you be back next year at this time to reorder for 2023.
  17. Here we go…. More Bronco Markups

    maybe someone who really really want one and dont want to wait or someone who dont have better things to spend money on well buy it
  18. Here we go…. More Bronco Markups

    so she renting from you but well spend 40k on a new ride I hope she only renting tell she buys a home .
  19. Here we go…. More Bronco Markups

    looks like a FE to me so its not a 14k mark up and just about ever new car right now is marked up .