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  1. Look and Listen to 2.3L Cyber Orange Bronco 2 Door Sasquatch Running Dunes, With Modular Bumper Ends Removed

    It's amazing! I had my eyes closed and that buzzing I4....wooh! Gave me a half chub instantly!
  2. Wheel Lug Pattern on 2021 Bronco?

    Sweet! So my F150 wheels should work!
  3. First Real Life Look at Soft Top on 2021 Bronco

    Looks like zombies prints trying to get up inside it!
  4. 2.7L FASTER THAN 5.0L

    "Not to mention the fact that after a while you get sick of the drone that V8 with an exhaust makes. " You said right here. After a while You....meaning me, get sick of the drone. I was just messing around anyways. Relax homey! haha!
  5. 2.7L FASTER THAN 5.0L

    I bet your friend with a "built" Focus ST can't beat my Mustang. There's always someone faster. No matter the powertrain. haha!
  6. 2.7L FASTER THAN 5.0L

    Speak for yourself. I know how to get a proper exhaust setup to not have a drone. Been playing with grown up peoples cars for 25 years now and I can't see myself getting sick of the noise.
  7. 2.7L FASTER THAN 5.0L

    What?!! The 2.7L V6 is faster than the 5.0L V8?!! Oh shyt! Forget the V8's then. Team V6 forevar!! Ugh...I'd be happier having a 1987 Speed Density 302HO from a foxbody in it than any of these modern "faster" 4 or 6 bangers. It's about the feel and sound. Any of the modern I4, V6, V8...
  8. Sasquatch Package With Manual Transmission [Sign Petition For It!]

    And then people will freaking say "See? Manuals don't sell." These fvcking car companies don't make it easy to want to buy a manual equipped vehicle. Way to neuter the manual Bronco. Fvck.
  9. Big Bend + Sasquatch

    I just like 2 door anything if there's an option over 4 door. Hell I bought a regular cab F150. I don't need or want the extra doors. I just don't like the look. Heck when my son was little I drove a BMW 328CI. Little coupe...I just pulled the seats forward to have him put in the back.
  10. Big Bend + Sasquatch

    cool but too many doors.
  11. You Can Now Buy Ford's 7.3-Liter Godzilla V8 as a Crate Engine

    One of these will be going in my '94 Lightning! It only weighs ~20 lbs more than my 351W!
  12. Wear a seatbelt

  13. Names and faces

    ha!! What a photo!! That's some live action right thurr!
  14. Names and faces

    Ha! Yup. That's me!
  15. Leaked pics: IFS, 7spd manual shifter (w/ crawler gear), sway bar disconnect, top latch, EcoBoost engine, AUX switches, front & rear lockers!

    Yup.... people trying to tell me what I need. hmmmm....authoritarianism. No thanks.
  16. Ford mad at TFL it seems.

    Jeez...that's a bummer for those guys.