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  1. Should I Sell My 74 Now That I Have My New Bronco?

    To me. 😂. Or maybe trade for a old e30 beemer? She’s a beaut.
  2. CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Club

    I was going to get tint but I kind of like the lighter glass. Looks more retro? I don’t know.
  3. Post Your Bronco Production Line Pics! (From Ford Emails Starting Today)

    I don’t know about production pictures but here is mine from the space mountain cam. And a added beauty shot.
  4. Fog Lights inside the Brush Guard??

    I’m interested in this as well. I think I prefer round to match the retro round headlights but not sure about a low mounting point. On the brush guard sides? Up top on it? That seems high to me. And brush guard limits available bronco bolts.
  5. Hood Struts Kit For 2021 Bronco (Available August 1st from Redline Tuning)

    Just installed these yesterday. Nice product. a few notes: If for some reason the blind nut slips off in the hood there is a little shelf it should catch on and can be retrieved with a finger or small piece of coat hanger wire. Also if your fumbling fingers drop the bolt on the drivers side the...
  6. Sassy the Sasquatch

    How do you like the seat covers? I’m going with these or waiting on the aftermarket to catch up.
  7. ***DIRT MOUNTAIN Broncos - Built, Shipped, Delivered Tracker***

    My dealer said they do get deliveries on saturdays just that they don’t have anyone there to prep on the weekends. I’m sure that probably varies dealer to dealer
  8. CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Club

    After going back and forth on colors I am so glad I settled here!
  9. ***DIRT MOUNTAIN Broncos - Built, Shipped, Delivered Tracker***

    Today was delivery day I didn’t get a chance to drive much and have to work all weekend but the miles will come. For those keeping track I never got a delivery e mail and the tracker never updated ( error codes all day ) Not much chance for beauty shots either so this will have to do. I hope...
  10. Michigan Deliveries..Was Tracker accurate?

    Mine said that too. I’m starting to think that it just automatically adds days. Mine was delivered today.
  11. ***DIRT MOUNTAIN Broncos - Built, Shipped, Delivered Tracker***

    One dirt mountain base Sasquatch at the dealer. Picking it up later today. Pinch me.
  12. 6/30 blend dates

    I have no words.
  13. 6/30 blend dates

    My pals updated a bit. It is still pending but the rest of it FINALLY populated. Yay!
  14. ***DIRT MOUNTAIN Broncos - Built, Shipped, Delivered Tracker***

    me too! It still feels like watching paint dry though.
  15. ***DIRT MOUNTAIN Broncos - Built, Shipped, Delivered Tracker***

    Same here at least as far as shipping date eta’s. What’s one more delay.
  16. ***DIRT MOUNTAIN Broncos - Built, Shipped, Delivered Tracker***

    Well fordpass now says activation pending. Yay?