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  1. Bronco For Sale at 5 Star Ford Carrollton

    Y’all ever walk into an AA meeting and ask if anybody wants to grab a drink? Dude, know your audience.
  2. AR | STIRRUP OEM Rail Fitment, Billet Aluminum Side Step - Brongo6G Exclusive Part

    Send it. To me. With its mate. Please. Hurry.
  3. 2-Door Race Red Big Bend Non-SAS w/33’s, First Edition Wheels, & Vintage Stripes

    Looks great!! My next one will be a 2 door for sure :)
  4. Bronco Badlands build so far | SCT | JB4 | UPR

    Thanks for experimenting on your new rig and keeping us updated, folks like you really help this community. FYI, pop the 4 screws off the lens and you can flip them however you want. Also, there's a vendor on here (4x4TruckLEDs) that is using the BD kits and adding some different lens...
  5. Any way to reduce turbo lag without exceeding torque?

    Ford is apparently electronically limiting launch torque to keep the driveline parts alive through warranty. It feels like more than turbo lag, such as fuel map, timing, etc. I’m sure we can eventually tune our way around that, but be prepared to find the next weak link In the system, I.e...
  6. Ford rear cargo liner and molle system installed

    That looks sharp. This I why I’m going to hold off on further accessories while 3rd party gets ramped up. Can’t wait to see what other goodies yall come out with.
  7. Ford rear cargo liner and molle system installed

    It does. No real explanation on if they specifically are meant for anything but they seem sturdy.
  8. Ford rear cargo liner and molle system installed

    Today my accessories goodies came in, so far I’ve installed the floor liner and Tailgate molle panel and bags. Still waiting on the door bags which should have shipped with the bronco but did not. Back order purgatory according to the dealer. I also received the sunshade, door sill...
  9. Zip Tied Washer Bottle

    As and Engineer, can confirm.
  10. AREA 51 Bronco Club

    Noice! I wanted to take Parsons Branch road (middle of Cades cove loop to the Dragon) but it was closed for "Dangerous Trees". Pffffft....I'm sure the Bronco could jump 'em. :) Just check the Park's website for updates.
  11. AREA 51 Bronco Club

    Roaring Fork motor trail near Gatlinburg! Thanks bro! I saw a carbonized grey one Saturday on the highway, they are showing up around here.
  12. Anyone sell to Vroom prior to buying their Bronco?

    Negotiate is the key word. Luckily my dealer played ball, matched my highest offer and made life easy. Private party could have been $2k higher, but I would have lost that in taxes. Worked out for me.
  13. Anyone sell to Vroom prior to buying their Bronco?

    I used the offers from KBB, car max, and Vroom to negotiate Trade in with my dealer. That saved me a couple grand in sales tax and some DMV fees. Great time to sell a car for sure.
  14. Rider Graphix Retro Side Graphics installed on A51 BadSquatch

    Thanks, me too. Previously I'd de-badge/decal my rides. These really compliment the Bronco's lines IMHO.
  15. Rider Graphix Retro Side Graphics installed on A51 BadSquatch

    That looks great! Nice additions to the tips/tricks as well.
  16. Disturbing News, Dirt Mt. 2.0?

    I never recieved a "shipped" email, never had the pizza tracker update past built, and never showed info in the PalsApp shipping system. My Bronco showed up at my dealer 8 days after production and surprised them too. As they say, "Hang in there".
  17. Rider Graphix Retro Side Graphics installed on A51 BadSquatch

    The OEM sticker literally peels off quite easily, leaves no residue. I'd say if its colder than the mid 70's out, maybe some light hairdryer just to warm it up a bit? The Bronco emblems come with a template. The whole thing took 10 minutes.
  18. Guess I'll start the pre-delivery Bronco checklist, look these items over carefully.

    My tailgate had some weld slag below the Bronco, the paint is intact over it so it’s not an emergency and I don’t trust them to match paint if they fix it. We cataloged it with the dealer at delivery. Otherwise 100% perfection and no issues after 2 weeks.
  19. AREA 51 Bronco Club

    Agreed! Apparently it can be put anywhere, it’s just stuck on there. I think some folks are discussing hiding it inside the fuel door, not 100% sure it would fit.