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  1. Subwoofer & Amp Install in B&O System (OuterBanks/LUX/Sasq/B&O/4dr) - Writeup DIY

    when you go watch bands, where do you hear the music come from? LMFAO Front Stage, Rear Fill, its not just "a way' it is how ALL music is recorded, played, performed, etc.
  2. A-pillar removal instructions?

    Instructions would be very helpful!! Want to wire a Garmin dash cam with the optional hardwired kit I got. Would like to route it down the driver side a pillar. It doesn’t look as easy as most other vehicles I have done in the past.
  3. Combat Green Textured Wrap Bronco

    That is BADASS!!!!
  4. LeBronco Audio Build

    ok, a little more info. this is what i have done so far. i am actually pretty close to being done. i just need to figure out the subwoofer solution. just a few minutes ago, i saw an aluminum tailgate enclosure for a JL W3 series sub. if he is interested in making one for the 13w5, i will almost...
  5. LeBronco Audio Build

    Well, Joe Biden is the President of the United States................. So
  6. 2.7L MagnaFlow Exhaust ordered. Here's a sound clip of factory exhaust without muffler

    you mean how every turbo drag car on the planet has it exiting right out the hood or fender?!?!?!?
  7. South Carolina HD Modular Front Bumper $200

    ive got one i could bring to charlotte on Oct 30th or Raleigh Nov 17th
  8. LeBronco Audio Build

    It will be getting tech flex wrap but even without it is fine. It is not touching anything metallic. Everything it is touching is plastic.
  9. LeBronco Audio Build

    description and more pics to come.
  10. Battery Terminal info

    agreed, I thought maybe the smaller stud was tied to fuse. I’m about to start try to start routing some wires today for the audio system so I will definitely whip out the meter.
  11. Battery Terminal info

    Does anyone have any info on what's going on here? Are the two open slots un-fused "full output" terminals? I see the little 3 amp fuse there and it makes me wonder if there is more here than meets the eye. One would think they are just accessory terminals and one could hook a winch or in my...
  12. [Resolved] Off roadeo not honoring $250 credit

    WHAT?!?!? So if you have a little money you shouldn't get the voucher, but if you don't you should?!?!? Also, I have a reservation! Read the post again, I have a day 1 reservation for my daughter. I also got bit by the bug and went found myself one. But I reserved one and am waiting anxiously...
  13. Toyota publishes "All you need to know" 4Runner vs Bronco comparison video

    I own both, a 21 TRD and a 21 BD SAS 4dr. My daughter is driving the 4runner until her bronco order comes in. (she is quite pissed I have a Bronco before her when we day one reserved!!!) LOL. Bronco is better in almost every way. they only things i can give to the 4runner off the top of my head...
  14. [Resolved] Off roadeo not honoring $250 credit

    how did ya'll get the voucher? i am taking my daughter in November and wanted to use the voucher for her attendance. Problem is I never got one!! I haven't received anything, ever, no mugs, no hammock, no VIN, nothing!!!! I own one!!! I paid $10k over to get it and still have our OG on order for...
  15. Disaster! My incoming Bronco destroyed by trucking company! Please help

    Dear Lord!!! I was eating dinner when I saw this. These type of graphic images should not be disseminated via the internet!!!! I am sick and cannot even finish my meal!!!!
  16. Baja Designs Pocket Fog Light Kit Full Install on 2021 Bronco ***VIDEO***

    Well go get yours off of ebay!!! You got to pay to play. These and Diode Dynamics are some of the best made LEDs there are. Way more to it than just sticking an LED on a board and throwing some cheap lenses on them. Go educate yourself and you may want to save up for a set!!!
  17. Aloha, trying to help my sailor daughter out

    Im in Highlands/Cashiers holler if your ever near!
  18. Aloha, trying to help my sailor daughter out

    Bluffton is big money. We have several clients with homes there. Weather is not near as good as CA in the summer but Bluffton is beautiful and very high end. I live in the mountains of NC, I have a lot of clients who live in places like that for the winter and summer here where the average...
  19. Aloha, trying to help my sailor daughter out

    let me know. I will call and see who the best person to talk to and get there direct line. i would love to be able to refer someone!!