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  1. Canadian Base Mansqatch anyone?

    That’s my thinking. For 3k in price difference I feel I would be an idiot not to go with the Badlands.
  2. Canadian Base Mansqatch anyone?

    Sorry, I’m a 2 Door. Which is also the only option for a Base Manual.
  3. Canadian Base Mansqatch anyone?

    Canadian here, looking for some thoughts on pricing. Base ManSquatch with Aux Switches clocks in at $53000. Manual Badlands is $55900. I’ve been team BMS since it was announced but I feel like the value isn’t there compared to the Badlands. Considering you get washout interior, discos, metal...
  4. MY22 B&P and Order Banks

    Try this…
  5. MY22 B&P and Order Banks

    Build and Price is live now.
  6. Leaks from suspension boot?

    I’d clean it and monitor it. Or suck it up and take it to the dealer.
  7. Leaks from suspension boot?

    CV boot, check for any rips or tears. Not uncommon for them to fling excess.
  8. MY22 B&P and Order Banks

    I found the 2022 Canadian Order Guide on the Blue Oval Forum. It looks like my dealer is mistaken.
  9. MY22 B&P and Order Banks

    Have we seen a Canadian Order guide? Not uncommon for manufacturers to offer different packages for different countries. Toyota does this all the time. I’m not convinced my dealer is correct, but just wondering if anyone else has heard anything.
  10. MY22 B&P and Order Banks

    My dealer called me this morning. He knows I’ve been holding out for the Base Mansquatch. Says order banks are open, but claims Mansquatch isn’t available on the Base. Waiting on the B&P to confirm.
  11. Sasquatch PKG on a stick base model- $7300!!!!!! Buying the auto and throwing it away!!!

    This actually makes some sense. And I think at the end of the day this won’t be offered long. This way they can say they offered it and no one bought it. I for one will be still be going with a Base Mansqatch.
  12. Came across this on tiktok. 2.7 dropped a valve

    There’s a strange tictok trend to trash brand new vehicles for clicks.
  13. Emotional journey has ended

    Go make lifelong memories.
  14. Is it a "Truck"??

    Just don’t call it a fcking car.
  15. Driving a JL Wrangler around this week - Impressions

    People just lose me when they refer to Jeeps and Broncos as cars.
  16. Double Battery Set-up?

    Went from a dual battery setup to a Jackery 1000 and couldn’t be happier.
  17. Soft top back window staying clean?

    Every single 4runner owner ever would disagree.
  18. 2022 Bronco Colors Details Tonight @ 7:30pm Eastern

    I can’t wait for the countless threads complaining about the color changes.
  19. Soft top orders guaranteed 2021?

    They should just throw soft tops on all those in purgatory and send them to dealers for stock and drive the ADM down to MSRP. Once all the fools are done overpaying we can stop worrying about getting fcked by the dealers.
  20. Bronco Badlands Sasquatch on 37’s + Maxlider Brothers 4” lift kit

    No rubbing? Not a single photo cycling the suspension….