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  1. my bronco out in Anza Borrego

    How do you like the soft top.
  2. I still haven’t seen a single Bronco out in public

    Also Vegas. Was by the dealership Saturday. They were delivering actual Broncos to actual customers, so I know they’re out there. Still haven’t seen one in the wild. It was the first time I’d seen one in person. I’m still affected by the experience.
  3. AREA 51 Bronco Club

    I was by the dealership today for some things. It was the first time I’d been in the presence of actual Broncos. There was a FE and a Badlands in Area 51. It’s now on my shortlist. I saw Broncos in Black, CO, and Race Red. Reminds me of a book about horses - There’s No Such Thing as a...
  4. Base Model Bronco Thread

    So what we’re saying here is the paint codes we’re unlocked for base. I thought I was seeing things. If only the tow package. . .
  5. Rear Cup Holder Solution using Molle Straps has some house branded nalgene pouches that I like. Condor makes pretty good budget gear as well.
  6. Heated Seats

    When I'm working days, heated seats are never used because the car is garaged over night. Nightshift had my car outside overnight, and heated made the drive home pretty nice. With Broncos future as a hunting vehicle they'll be nice.
  7. Demo Badlands Bronco compared to my 2018 Jeep JL Rubicon

    Let's not forget there was a whistle associated with the Big Bend grill, which the picture shows.
  8. Shots fired guys….

    Nice Plate. Im comfortable with my team Bronco status, I could look this guy straight in the eyes and say Well played.
  9. Photos & Update From Bronco Dirt Mountain - Oct 19, 2021

    After consuming and discarding his last remaining oxygen bottle (after the Sherpa reference, I had to keep the everest theme going) the exhausted climber finally sumits, and exclaims "I can see my Bronco from here!"
  10. Stay pumped - Off roading in the Bronco Black Diamond w/Steelies

    Thanks to the Spruce Beatle Aspens about all that’s left. Forgive my hyperbole, but I exaggerate only a little, at least as Southern UT is concerned.
  11. Stay pumped - Off roading in the Bronco Black Diamond w/Steelies

    Okay, look over here! Found one! Non Squatch BD! How does it handle off road? Capable, I’m sure, but how is the ride quality? Love the pics.
  12. Shirts? *that are simple*

    Everything I see leaves me, meh. I guess a Carhartt Jean Jacket with classic script on the upper left chest is too much to ask. Sh!t. Get fancy. Embroider the horse on the back. Still no? Alright, I’ll try to keep my visions of Bronco themed work wear and single color interiors to myself.
  13. Do I really need a hardtop

    I remember older threads that got rather heated. Team Soft Top (The bad guy can break a window / no real difference in noise) and Team Hard Top (the bad guy can cut the top / noisy) were trading blows over their preferences. Months later, with delays and recalls, and recalls and delays I think...
  14. Base Model Bronco Thread

    The best part about scrolling through the Broncos on the above Car Guru site is the sheer number of Bronco color combinations that were pictured and what trims / wheels they go with. I was surprised by antimatter blue and how it worked with base steelies but not the Big Bend carb Gray wheels...
  15. Bronco Raptor spotted tow testing large trailer (with peek at 2023 Ranger Raptor)

    My cargo trailer conversion is gonna be done before I even order my Bronco. I want to see the whole thing going down the road, because this is the fate of my future Bronco.
  16. How extreme are you?

    Finally a photo of Black Bear that illustrates what all the fuss is about. Looking at that photo, I can predict my mental state: “I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine” “Holy Crap! Switchback!” “Holy Crap, Holy Crap, Holy Crap!” “Holy Crap! Switchback!” “I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m fine . . .” All of this...
  17. Will you be taking your Bronco off road?

    Yes, I plan on getting dirty. That being said, there should be a mall parking lot photo contest. The only rules would have to include that parking your Bronco on mall landscaping would be grounds for disqualification (Rock crawling on the mall water feature would create press we don’t need.)...
  18. AREA 51 Bronco Club

    I know there were people who were all in on this color from day one. I was pretty meh about it. out of nowhere this color suddenly looks great. Not sure what happened.
  19. 35's on Outer Banks Bronco (35” BFG KO2s on 18” Black Rhino Arches) + 2" Lift + Retro Stripes

    I was beginning to think no one in LV was gonna get delivered. congrats