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  1. Where do I stand in line?? - Granger Ford Customers

    Oh wow this is really depressing. *Rant warning!!!* Keep in mind, this IS NO FAULT OF GRANGER FORD!!! They have been awesome to deal with. Their hands are tied, I'm furious with FoMoCo, NOT Granger! I'm somewhere in the 700s with a 10/31/2021 11:59pm res, Albert informed me I was the LAST Oct...
  2. Official: 2022 Ford Maverick Pickup Debuts June 8!

    I'm really pumped for this, not for myself but for my mother. She needs a nice ride, and wants a small truck with four doors. Cycled through a few 200-300k+ mile cheap/free cars for years. Frugality at it's best 😂 and she deserves something nice! This makes way more sense for her than anything...
  3. Truck vs. Car application

    The cars use a very different tune and some with a slightly bigger/better twin-scroll turbo as well. At least the High Performance Package Mustang does for sure, per the Ford literature. Focus RS had many different parts due to transverse layout, and wayyy different goals. They crave higher RPM...
  4. TN GA NC folks get in here

    I'm in central GA, and have a couple other Bronco buddies that may or may not see this. I've haven't done a meet-up road trip in a longgg while, and those weren't off-roading. Mostly imports aggressively running mountain roads (organized...ish) making our own group weekends surrounding national...
  5. If AMB looks like black to you, then please clean your glasses.................

    This is my personal opinion, it's YOUR Bronco to choose. With AMB I think MIC might be better on anything except a non-Squatch Outer Banks, Wildtrak, or First Edition. There's just so many gray and matte black shades throughout that the glossy black top would blend weird I think. The ones I...
  6. If AMB looks like black to you, then please clean your glasses.................

    I tend to like blacks and blues on vehicles, Lightning Blue is beautiful but unobtainable, Velocity just doesn't do it for me. Blue Jeans I love on trucks but it died one year too soon 😭 My CL 6spd is Honda/Acura's Nighthawk Black Pearl, has the itty bitty TINIEST bit of bluish pearl to edges...
  7. Antimatter Blue (F150) in inclement weather and filthy ***UPDATED, same truck clean on clearer day - with VIDEO***

    Added a couple pics and short video to the original post, went back by there on a nicer day
  8. Bronco vs custom built 700HP K10

    Down payment vs early square body with some serious hardware rust free in Alaska? Geez pick something that isn't a good argument ?
  9. Antimatter Blue (F150) in inclement weather and filthy ***UPDATED, same truck clean on clearer day - with VIDEO***

    We know what it looks like clean, but LUCKILY I just so happened to get to see it at it's worst on an F150 at Hutchinson Ford while out towing. It was a squishy, drab day with very little sunny moments throughout. I think the temp was a flat line at 40ish all day. Perfect conditions for seeing...
  10. Granger Ford - I'm Baack.....Merry Christmas and lets have a great new year

    Hmmmmmm.... popping up riiight after everyone's had Christmas morning. Albert is secretly Santa, working at Granger is his side gig and he'll be starting Christmas early in '21 ? Haha seriously, thank you and the rest of the Granger team for all the hard work you've done. Not only for the...
  11. Bronco Amazon Store new

    Cool I missed this!
  12. Base Bronco have a locking center console?

    That's a good question I hadn't even thought about
  13. Antimatter Blue vs Velocity Blue vs Lightning Blue on Ford trucks

    I've always been a huuuge fan of Blue Jeans. If it weren't for the Bronco, an F150 or Super Duty in Blue Jeans would be my next purchase. I'm not into chrome, and that color works reeeally well with it. Classic truck vibes maybe? AMB works better on the Bronco than the 2021 trucks in my...
  14. Remote start - how doesn’t it get stolen?

    Many systems require the doors to be locked before it will activate the remote start
  15. I've gone another route... :(

    No hate! You picked a very sought after TJ(LJ)variant, if you were gonna bail and go Jeep you did it well!! Hope you enjoy the heck out of it, and it's not $50k so you won't be scared to lol Who knows, maybe you'll get an un-pass-up-able trade offer on it for a new Bronco in a year or two
  16. $2000 off Invoice on October Bronco Reservations at Granger Ford

    Got it!!! Used my phone and a laptop, Chrome was the problem. Switched to Edge and it worked.
  17. $2000 off Invoice on October Bronco Reservations at Granger Ford

    I keep getting stuck at the payment screen... nothing appears and can't move forward
  18. Any Georgia dealer doing invoice price or better?

    Hey fellow Maconite! I currently have an early reservation with Hutchinson Ford in Forsyth, (whom I haven't heard a word from yet except a template email right after) simply for convenience and having a professional relationship with them. I'm going to get a second reservation with Granger, and...

    "Sport" may be a critical missing term here ?