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  1. Is a class action lawsuit in order?

    No, ridiculous!
  2. 🛠 11/29 Build Week Group

    Joined the Nov 29 club on Thursday after being pushed out of Thanksgiving week
  3. Changing Color on Order

    Good news is you'll have it soon. :)
  4. Changing Color on Order

    I did it last summer. I don't know about any Oct 1 deadline. There is a good chance your dealer is wrong. Tell them to try.
  5. Changing Color on Order

    @Grooticus You can change your color any time before your window sticker is created, typically around a week before the build date. I successfully changed color in my order after I had a VIN.
  6. MY22 Sasquatch Transmission Poll

    Interesting! I'm thinking I want to keep it and teach my daughters to drive stick. They're almost 4 & 6 now. By then, it will be a super rarity. I will give it to one of them. Imagine a little girl drivimg a manual Sasquatch in 10-12 years? Future collectors item and the boys will be envious!
  7. MY22 Sasquatch Transmission Poll

    Curious to get an idea how popular MANSQUATCH will be now that it's available. My vote applies to my wife's BaseManSquatch order.
  8. ITS HERE!

    Very happy for you! That's a beautiful looking Badlands. Just noticed you're in Phoenix, I'm flying the family there Nov 2 for a little trip to Sedona. Interested to rent your Bronco for 5 days? :D
  9. What would you choose?

    OBX Sasquatch! My wife didn't want Sasquatch, but actually loves ours. She really likes the ride height and visibility which is better than BL. For a four door, the look of Sasquatch is more impressive that the BL on 33s. She may never need the diff lockers, but then again she may need them...
  10. Production date moved up???

    Damn! Total opposite, got moved from 11/22 to 11/29 build week. 😢
  11. Resolution on DCH Ford ADM issue

    The facts clearly show this dealership is unethical. No way I'm removing my 1 star review, which I rarely give any business on Google.
  12. Window sticker doesn’t match build sheet

    If it's not on your sticker, it won't be on your Bronco.
  13. So this is why the current market is stupid.

    People with money who want the new thing (Bronco) now will always pay for it. They aren't bothered by $30 or $40k over sticker price. A Midwestern guy on a salary can't fathom this mindset, but there are lots of folks with money who think $85k for a vehicle is nothing. They certainly won't be...
  14. Manual Transmission on the 6 cylinder engine

    I voted no. Ford would be stupid to do this. Yes, there are a few people who would like it, bit certainly not enough to justify the expense af expanding the product line that already has tremendous demand
  15. My First Edition Bronco Finally Arrived....DAMAGED! 😤

    I love my Bronco too, but a Raptor is a lot more vehicle
  16. Granger Ford -2022 Bronco Allocation - No one said it was going to be easy

    Mansquatch! We're going to wait the 2+ years for this since we already have a Bronco to use in the interim. 10/14/20 res.
  17. 2022 MY Order - Granger Ford 2022 MY B&P Link

    Did this yesterday - Mansquatch This is my wife's order. We would have moved to another dealer since this baby is probably 2+ years out, but we already have a Bronco to use while waiting.
  18. 4 door BaseSquatch received

    I got my 4Dr Base Sasquatch 2.7L in early August. The vehicle is great. 👍 I like the interior and it has a lot of tech. IMO, total waste of cash on the upper trims! That's how Ford makes its money BTW, kinda like the $5 Starbucks coffee with a squirt of flavored sugar and dollop of whipped...