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  1. Details & update for 2021 Bronco Badlands with steering rack failure on King of the Hill K2 Trail

    This Toyota?
  2. Did I somehow get a Bronco Raptor (Warthog) headlight?

    Corporate logic says that once the Warthog name was canned, the brains of the operation made them sell anything with a Warthog sticker and the built new parts for the Bronco Raptors with proper stickers.
  3. LOD Offroad is in the house!

    I hope you look at all the jeeps parked at high schools around the country and design bumpers with lightbars and stingers just like those. Then print the files and show them to your designers and threaten to break their legs if they attempt to produce anything like it.
  4. More shenanigans: $80k base sas

    If its a Base Sasquatch I'd consider, but no way I'd pay that for a Outerbanks.
  5. Mike Levine saying outright he does NOT care about Granger/Chapman/SAC

    Ooh no, Levine is the subject of my discontent, not the dealers.
  6. Mike Levine saying outright he does NOT care about Granger/Chapman/SAC

    Lots of reading in this one to catch up on. Anyone still defending this dirtbag?
  7. Outer Banks Before & After w/ 2" Lift and 35's...Added New Pictures

    My take on off-roading is not just driving in the grass and while sand is tricky, it is a one dimensional challenge for most people and the people in the dunes are better prepared than most. Anything that has been prepared as a right of way is a road regardless of composition. This thread is so...
  8. Outer Banks Before & After w/ 2" Lift and 35's...Added New Pictures

    Then exactly why does it come with highway tires?
  9. 2022 Bronco Price Protection Announced

    What I retained was customers will be pushed to 2023. Here's my surprised face...
  10. Custom color painted my Bronco and added lift plus new shoes - Toyos & Methods !

    Wow, I was excited to see what you did until the childish admin rant. I don't know if the OP added that or the actual admin, but this is a board open for discussion and we are still a free society. If someone airs their dirty laundry on the internet, it's on them for recieving negative feedback...
  11. My Bronco coming down the factory line pictures! - Thanks Ford & Jim Farley!

    That's awesome. Almost no one has pics of their new Broncos before being smashed on the train.
  12. FYI, if you remove your back doors, you will lose your rear floor mats

    I will not make a joke about mother nature rejecting 4 doors out of respect for you losing your property.
  13. 📊 2022 Bronco Allocations Formula Per Dealer

    Only way this gets fixed is to organize and make noise.
  14. 📊 2022 Bronco Allocations Formula Per Dealer

    They're really doing this again? This is crap. Build the in order like you promised!!!!
  15. 🗓 2022 Bronco order bank opens October 13!

    For clarity, he means 3023, not 2023.
  16. My Bronco arrived at the dealership.... but delivery hold due to airbag recall

    I wish my Bronco was at a dealer with a hold due to airbag recall.
  17. Who had the white 4 door at COTA this weekend?

    Saw my first one running loose in the wild at Moto GP. Surely they are on this board. Awesome finally seeing one not at a rodeo.
  18. Is it a "Truck"??

    It's definitely not a car like people refer to it as.