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  1. Rock Slide Engineering Power Sliders for 2021 Bronco - first pics

    Probably marketing speak for they aren't covering anything. Not trying to flex on ya'll too hard but do you think the console will fit one of these bad boys?
  2. Look what ford sent to me

    Couldn't even get you a webasto hardtop for that cyber orange one huh.
  3. Granger Ford - Passing of Albert Schmitz

    Rest in peace my friend.
  4. Black Diamond Sasquatch delivered in S. Florida - Order/Delivery Timeline & First Impressions

    Just had to sneak a Jeep in here huh. 😂 Only dealer I'd rep is Granger.
  5. 🙌🏼 Update: My 2021 Bronco is Delivered and Home!!

    Alright give us a 0-60 to compare to that first edition slug in the other thread. :coffee:
  6. It’s ok, have some compassion

    Guys feel free to hate me, but.. I got my BRONCO!! reservation email. Turns out it was in my junk mail folder. 🤪 I'll be saving to get one in '23 maybe. Personally I can't wait to see some of ya'll take delivery already.
  7. Is anyone else cancelling and getting the F150 Lightning?

    Stickin with my Taco for a while. But very cool that this thing can provide backup power in a power outage. Just keep my fridge going and my pizza rolls frozen for a few days.
  8. Ford Forced My Hand

    Wishing you all the best during this challenging time in your life.
  9. Huge shoutout to @ZackDanger

    Alright how much did you pay the guy? I need to know the going rate for this ego boost. Prob can't afford to get one in "General Bronco Topics" though, how much for a thread in "Reservations, Ordering.." ? Doug, check the ip address on these accounts. 😂
  10. Haldeman Ford Route 33 stole my Bronco reservation

    That's ridiculous. Your username is fitting :coffee:
  11. Are you going to cry upon first engine start?

    Crying cuz my dealer hasn't hit me up yet.
  12. DV8 Front Bumper w/ Recessed Winch Previewed on Green 2021 Bronco

    Like the overall shape but then realized they added a bunch of the badlands grille holes everywhere.
  13. B6G Poll: can you drive a manual or not?

    I've watched a couple of youtube videos and the entire fast and furious saga so yea I can prob drive one.
  14. 2021 Bronco Packaging Guide

    Faded top didn't make the cut for this brochure I see
  15. What exactly is the High-level Instrument Panel ??

    Which Missy video there's a lot
  16. Steel wheels vs High Gloss Aluminum wheels for the black diamond?

    Are you saying steel wheels gave your tires super powers?
  17. Safety of the new Bronco?

    It's safe lil buddy
  18. Great video of Bronco trail cam in action at KOH

    So it's the opposite with these vehicles right? :unsure: On a regular car, curbed wheels mean you suck at driving. On these it means you don't have a mall crawler and you actually use your bronco on tough trails.