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  1. Arkansas Bronco Owners

    Anyone down here in LR? I reserved a 2dr BD at Crain Ford but not sure if I’ll follow through. They haven’t given me any details on pricing (“waiting on direction from FMC”). Not sure I can wait another year for delivery
  2. Bucking the Sasquatch Fever

    I think once you are at badlands the squatch doesn’t make much of a difference. I think BD is the best one to add it to as it adds the most capability. But you’ll also probably have to pay more for it at lower trims
  3. 2021 Bronco Dealers: No-ADM, X-Plans & Special Discounts Master List

    Got a call from Crain Ford in Little Rock, AR. When I asked about ADM they said “Ford has some plans around fees for the Bronco but we aren’t sure what they are yet”. Not sure if that’s just a way to stall but that’s all the color I got.
  4. 2 Dr Hard Top - how many sections?

    I know they said the 4dr can fit the doors in the trunk. I wonder if the 2dr can fit roof/ doors in the back
  5. Bronco vs Gen1 Raptor

    Dang that sounds nice . I was expecting the opposite answer with the bronco having removable doors and roof which wouldn’t be as convenient for a DD.
  6. Velocity Blue Bronco WILL be available, as late availability color

    May have to do Cyber orange if its a 6 month or so wait. Still crazy the closest thing to "Ford blue" wont be available at launch.
  7. Bronco vs Gen1 Raptor

    I know, I know. These are different vehicles. But deciding between a used Gen1 Raptor or a Black Diamond Bronco (would throw on squatch package). Could anyone give thoughts on differences in capability? I won't be doing any heavy duty rock crawling or baja racing as I'm in the southeast, mostly...
  8. All the Bronco colors from Ford visualizer site

    The velocity blue is mentioned in the paint choices brochure but still haven’t seen it on any of these full body paints. Anyone have guesses why?
  9. Average Guy's Bronco

    Hadn’t thought of this but heard the TFL (sorry, ran out of bronco stuff to watch on YouTube earlier) guys mentioned this same point. Hoping I could pull off at least the black diamond 2dr with sasquatch
  10. Black Diamond Bronco Thread

    Put down for a black diamond for the vinyl seats. Still deciding between waiting on a new one of these or getting a used 2014 raptor in the same price range. If I chose this I’d go velocity blue with Sasquatch, as long as it’s under $5k or so