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  1. Bronco Badlands vs Jeep 392 Wrangler off-road trail drive comparison review [Truck King]

    Hell even the streets in the town I live in, I'll run as low PSI as I can and disconnect. Horrible streets here.
  2. Bronco Badlands vs Jeep 392 Wrangler off-road trail drive comparison review [Truck King]

    Even on pretty much flat wash board road you should air down and disconnect right away. The ride is sooooooooo much better. sometimes the good part of the trail is five miles out. May as well enjoy the ride more smoothly.
  3. Bronco Badlands vs Jeep 392 Wrangler off-road trail drive comparison review [Truck King]

    People need to get past the whole "Sway bar disconnect under load" crap. what a gimmick, Anyone that has wheeled more than once knows that you understand why you are out on the trails so you always air down, disconnect whatever type disconnect you have for your sway bar from the very start. Most...
  4. 35” Tires Street Legal?

    The new Icon Bead lock wheels have worked around all of this and are DOT approved, cheaper and lighter. I believe they will be my choice.
  5. 2.7L Engine Cover?

  6. Currently available winch solutions for 2021+ Bronco

    Any word on how much it decreases the approach angle. I am totally against giving up this statistic. I'll give up the camera and ACC first. Thanks.
  7. After the Bronco, will you ever buy another Ford?

    I'd rather walk than drive anything less than a Ford. This will be my fifth Bronco. For me, it's not a box I get inside of to get from A to B,...It's the adventure the Bronco provides, the durability the F-250 provides and the satisfaction of knowing I don't have to walk home. It seems most...
  8. Just ordered my 2022 Badlands today, had 7/19 original reservation.

    Interesting, I ordered on 10-15-21. Pretty much the same as yours unless you ordered a bus ;) just kidding, Mine is a two door though. I had an original reservation date of 10-15-20.(a year to the date). He said since I'm an early 2022 order I should see it around April/May 2022. I hope so!!
  9. Warn Elite bumper: closer look and intercooler questions.

    It's not the turbo you are cooling. It's the compressed air that the turbo has compressed to force into the engine. Cool air = horse power. if it cant cool the air, your manifold air temp goes up. Then the engine has to make adjustments on fuel and timing to adjust for higher manifold air temp...
  10. Curious Why it Seems so Many People Want a Manual Trans?

    I am one that installed the NP435. it's cool and all but hind sight tells me I should have went auto. It's a fun Bronco but not my main go-to. As I've aged I realize a/c on the way home on a hot day along with cruise control are more for me. The Bronco heads to the mountains in the fall. :cool...
  11. 20x10, -19 offset

    No offence but around here that's a Texas Roller skate. Not for 4wheeling. Good luck with what you are looking for just be aware of the handling issues.
  12. OXFORD WHITE Bronco Club

    What percentage of Bronco Buyers have chosen Oxford white?
  13. Tradeoffs - BL + High SAS vs BL + Lux

    Please clarify for me the radar comment. Is the ACC sensors not in the front bumper? is it for lane change correction or whatever that is in the windshield that you are talking about? Sorry my newest vehicle is my '14 Rubicon.
  14. BFG Trail Terrain Tire Review

    Do they have the 3 peak/snowflake symbol on them? Thats what you may need. Maxxis Razr A/T's have this. I run them on my truck and they are pretty awesome. Lots of racing experience as well. They make great off road tired for bikes, dirt bikes and off road 4x4's
  15. Will we get 2022s?

    Lol, I am driving a jeep waiting on a Bronco too. I've had four Broncos before this Jeep. I purchased the jeep because I'm an avid wheeler and needed something. Now that Broncos are back, I'm going back. :)
  16. MY 2022 ford order email?

    I ordered Saturday, Got that Ford email this morning. My account is still not updated.