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  1. Anyone else been keyed yet?

    apparently just as strong as the author who witnessed nothing ..why are we discussing this nothingness
  2. Anyone else been keyed yet?

    this was no keying vandal you or your kin folk caused the damage prob without knowing it..why are we seeing a stupid post like this...admin make it go away and do a better job of filtering out this garbage
  3. Bronco Used Values and Auction Prices

    This doesn't bother me the resale will be great for years to come much like wrangler the #1 resale veh out there ..maybe bronco will take that spot next few years...perhaps you may never lose value if ya don't trash your rig ......
  4. Badlands Sasquatch on 37’s with 1” level kit - field report

    so if reg wheels are +55 and sas wheels +35 do you think about a +15 would be size? roughly 3/4 inch and if pulling it that much more away on the inside, would poss create a rub on the outside anywhere that you can see by eyeballing it?
  5. Are you naming your Bronco?

    How about "mustang" after all it is a horse theme....I've been going with broncy?? But not sure maybe bear(beer)..spike or red dragon??? If I had a badlands I would Def get plate baddazz but im a last poss name broncenstein...hell I dont know!!!
  6. 3000 mile cross country road trip in Bronco Badlands

    Luv the pics maybe a personalized plt to go with the pics "baddazz"...for the badlands...??
  7. AZ Dealerships

    Ya they tacked on 1200 but I did get tint for that so it was worth 500 atleast and the paint protection gets a new coat every 6 months for 3 years so I xan live with it...also had nitorgen as well but if ya air down off road its useless...they did have a few orders backout and they marked those...
  8. Cactus has landed!

    great looking build just saw 1st cactus in a 4 door today and fell in luv....great choice
  9. AZ Dealerships

    I've seen a few marked up when the dealer ended up with it. camelback told me they mark up 10k if a customer cancels and it is sold before its off the truck......there may be a dealer or two who will sell one at MSRP if customer does not take it and that is what autonation told me today when i...
  10. AZ Dealerships

    Dont know how you will get that when most are upselling for 10k or more?...I just ordered one at autonation today for msrp and they said they wont upsell if a customer backs out... and no deposit as they said 12 to 18 month wait...the good news ...if they continue to upsell then dont look for...
  11. Sasquatch Suspension Flex Test: 2 Door Bronco (RTI – Ramp Travel Index)

    this is well done and very educational for a lab like demo....but i would prefer to see a real life test where you can use momentum and technique to push through the limits to see if there really is a significant not the type to ever push my 40k rigs to these extremes so...
  12. Getting back at Fomoco: Boycott Off-Roadeo

    Do you really think ford wants this delay ? Im Sure if they could sell every bronco this year they would love it...they are losing money over all these delays...they made the dream veh we all want and I feel in the long run these broncos will have very little depreciation just like the jeeps and...
  13. Zone 2" Lift with 35's (Falken Wildpeak) and Fuel Octanes on Big Bend Bronco

    Its on the bronco accessories link ford websight...not very computer savvy...sorry...dont think I need rears as not much body left to sling mud and rocks on...
  14. Zone 2" Lift with 35's (Falken Wildpeak) and Fuel Octanes on Big Bend Bronco

    I just ordered front ford mudflaps 49 bucks...
  15. Video: White Wildtrak with white painted hardtop and painted bumpers

    Looks like they sell ice cream out of it, does it play dingaling music also...uglyyyyy
  16. DIY white steel wheels installed on my Base retro build

    nice base budget build but unless you do the roof and bumper white does not really go retro enough for me... as it is i would probably just do wheels to match the mic color....not worth powder coating these cheap wheels better just to get takeoffs from ranger....not bad though to each his...
  17. Base Bronco Fitted With 315 Size Tires & Ford Ranger Wheels (No Lift)

    I think that will fit perfect no lift needed an extreme minor rub was on the inside round sway bar which is just at extreme full turn but your 10.5 should not rub and will fit those rims as my 12.5 are on 8 inch rims...rub is width not height so a front spacer will also eliminate the way...
  18. Jeep Gladiator vs Wildtrak Bronco test drive

    Def no snow but maybe 20k lights ...I think a bronco sleigh would win over the 20k lights ...
  19. 35" Tires on Stock Badlands rims?

    Not a prob on mine 35s with ++55 offset..very slight rub on sway bar at full turn..prob not if your a crawler or aggressive off road...