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  1. Dealer: Build Date between August 2022 - August 2023 CLOSED THREAD

    I mean to say reserved I keep mixing up the words. He told me orders will happen September 2021
  2. Eruption Green & Hot Pepper Red Metallic coming for 2022 Bronco. Antimatter Blue, Lightning Blue and Rapid Red Going Away

    WOAH you want more delays? More colors means more problems. Ford only has a few paint guns
  3. 2022 Bronco gets "Capable Bumper" option. Comes standard on Black Diamond and Badlands

    I will say people don't know how big a difference weight makes on a Jeep, bronco, Truck. Steel adds alotta weight. 100 lb here and there
  4. Custom vanity license plate for your Bronco?

    Damn Arizona got WAY different custom plates than California
  5. MY22 changes?

    - Remove more colors, i mean forget srea 51 it looks blueish to me so ford will remove that, - Remove red again, 2 reds? nah ford wants no red. - Make all base models black, no color options. - Add a new purple color,don't ship any, cancel preorders for it in 2023 - Repeat?
  6. Ford patents removable top for (Bronco?) pickup aimed at Gladiator

    Oh yeah that's a gladiator breaking down. It 6 months old and took 4 days to replace an aux battery thats hidden under 2 layers of fuses.
  7. Adding Rear Locker (for those that aren't squatching even tho we dream about it)

    Holy Shot 32 splines?! They beat jeep more than ppl know! The stock jeep is 27 splines MUCH WEAKER that it sounds and even rubicon is 30 splines. 32 splines is ready for 37 inch tires!!! Were are on Steel not even Chromoly. TIme to dump jeep.
  8. Adding Rear Locker (for those that aren't squatching even tho we dream about it)

    based on my jeep experience is would %1000 reccomend air lockers over e lockers due to engagment issues I have today with the newer Eaton designs. Also it's a dana 44 rear axle IDK if that's for all models but ARB, Eaton, Ox, Yukon all have lockers already for it Albeit I it is a 32 splines so...
  9. Ford patents removable top for (Bronco?) pickup aimed at Gladiator

    prolly a ranger option. these engines suck for truck, the pentastar and 2.3 eco. just saying.
  10. 500 miles-in: Bronco Base + 33s

  11. MY22 changes?

    Is this true? I would take it and believe it. I'm gullible...
  12. MY22 changes?

    I'll hold you to that. Legally biding. 🤝
  13. Color Poll - MY21 vs MY22 changes

    It has something to do with MAP having 13?something paint guns and every year having exclusive colors. Their data probably showed that Red and Blue were the least ordered and they swapped them out.
  14. Stay True to Your Original Color, or Are You Changing in MY22?

    Really fuxxxd all you up replaced red and blue with GREEN.
  15. No VIN Gang with the AMB delete kicker. Now what color?

    I heard black is easy to wrap? The iconic silver imo is a great safe play, if you wanted to sell your bronco in a few years when they will have an abundance of them.
  16. 2022 build and order

    cutoff day was march, (15?),2021
  17. Video tour of 8 inch screen

    I heard the speakers in the bronco suck, the rear ones are too far. Even with BO