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  1. Keyless Entry Keypad (Trick)

    I got that. I tried to see what happens when you leave the keys in and use the pad to lock the door. Then use a different key to unlock. Didn’t matter it fired right up. Ah well. Now if I can get my pre collision sensor working all will be good in the world…almost
  2. RC Seat Covers fit Bronco?

    Caltrend has several different fabrics etc for the 2021 bronco. I ordered the neosupreme for my front and back seats. 20& discount if you buy both rows. Like $367 for both. I had them in my 17 f150 for 4 years and even with my britts they held up well. I checked several other manufacturers sites...
  3. Keyless Entry Keypad (Trick)

    I had the keypad on my 150 and I liked it so much I got it for my new bronco. The difference is that the 150 had a regular key start and the bronco has a button as you are aware. I often hid the keys in my 150 and used the keypad to lock and unlock the doors. Never had a problem. I haven’t tried...
  4. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    Dunno what happens after 72 cause that’s about as fast as I go right now. I don’t think it will be a problem because it feels so solid at that speed. Gets a lot of looks and photo opportunities as well. Seems like keep guys want to be in the lead on the road. They don’t like it when you sail by...
  5. NJ/NY/Delaware/Eastern Pa./MD/Ct Volume Buyers?

    For what it’s worth; I never received any correspondence from Ford but I went on the different sites to track my build. I had a blend date of 10/8 and my build date was 10/10. My bronco showed up at my dealer in south jersey on Friday and I picked it up yesterday. 12 days from build to delivery...
  6. VIOLENT Window Rattle

    When the windows on my vehicle are down 3/4 of an inch or so, there is a rattle on a rough surfac but if I lower them amother inch or so, there is no problem. I found that out while I had the windows cracked to release my cigar smoke. By the way, I think it’s kind of neat that when you open the...
  7. Delivery mileage

    Mine had 5.5 miles on it. I was surprised at the seemingly small number but I’m glad it’s here at last. By the way , Gentilini Ford in south jersey has been very cooperative and put up with the changes I made( several regarding the top),Msrp and no hint of any add ons. I couldn’t be happier...
  8. Review & Pics: 2021 Bronco Cargo Area Security Drawer

    I checked this out in a bronco today. Looks like I can get 2 dog crates(28” long”) to sit on top of it. Too small for a shotgun but plenty of room for ammo and such. Great place for lure boxes as well. I like the idea of the non skid rug on top. My bronco is shipped as of 8/10 and with the...
  9. Finally a Front license plate solution - order yours today

    Got my bracket today. Really quick service. Thank you. Printed mounting directions?
  10. Finally a Front license plate solution - order yours today

    Just sent you $30 through PayPal. Thanks.
  11. Jeep Gladiator vs Wildtrak Bronco test drive

    All I had to do was get in the Gladiator. A friend owns one and as soon as my butt hit the drivers seat, I realized that it was not for me. Not a heck of a lot of room in the Gladiator. The OB Bronco I drove blew it away. Got my vin# and a 10/4 build. I can't wait to drive my BB.
  12. Adaptive cruise driving impressions?

    I have used the ACC in a Lexus. Pretty neat but it gets a little spooky if the road is wet. I know that it's not a good idea to run CC in the rain but if it comes on suddenly its possible to forget it's engaged and definitely gets your attention
  13. Sturdy prop for soft top back window (to drive with back window raised)?

    i don’t want to drive with the top up as it is here. All I need is clearance so I can lay the rod tips on the top of the gate. As an example,tomorrow I will be taking a dozen offshore rods with 50 wide reels, 6 jigging rods and reels and 4 heavy spinning rods we use for tuna fishing off the...
  14. Sturdy prop for soft top back window (to drive with back window raised)?

    I run a charter boat and carry a load of stuff
  15. Sturdy prop for soft top back window (to drive with back window raised)?

    So I’m sitting here thinking. A problem for me is the ability to drive with the soft top back window raised. I want to put rods,etc with the tips out the back to transport them to my boat. The prop that is provided on the top will not keep the window up if you hi rough roads or even a bump. I...
  16. Custom seat covers for the bronco?

    Thanks. There are plenty for the sport but not our vehicle. I’ll check them out.
  17. Custom seat covers for the bronco?

    Anybody found a company that has custom seat covers for the 2021 bronco? I hope to get the camo neoprene backed ones I’ve had in my f150 for 4 years. All I find is “ semi custom” or universal fit. I see some for the sport but not the big guy. They have something called leatherette but I have no...