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  1. Reservation program ends for the Bronco - No NEW Reservations

    What does this mean for current reservation holders that are waiting for 2022?
  2. Granger Ford - Jay is now @grangerford

    Would it be something I could have installed prior to delivery once I push my order through in 2022? Also, I just want to confirm that my 2k below invoice would still apply. Last communication I had was that I did still qualify and nothing has d changed due to me holding off on pushing an...
  3. Dealer Order Fraud?

    Maybe transfer the order to another dealer to stick it to them. Should be able to call customer service
  4. Granger Ford - Jay is now @grangerford

    Out of curiosity curiosity how do you think the lift kits from BDS will impact factory warranty? I have a October reservation for 2022 model with you and am wondering if it's something I can have installed prior to delivery if available
  5. Northridge4x4 Introduction

    I would love to see something like this pictured below. But able to work with factory bumper sensors and fog lamps, without obstructing the front camera.
  6. Off-Roadeo Texas - 75 Dollar Waiver?

    I'm in insurance. I would get the waiver. Your personal insurance more than likely won't cover any damages to the vehicle. It is being used on an off road course. Not an actual road. It's kinda like taking your vehicle to the track to race, you would need separate insurance to cover anything...
  7. Wildtrak Bronco Thread

    Thanks, that's our plan for the most part. We plan on adding all bash plated aftermarket as the years go by as well as the rear bumper. We are waiting on there to be options to keep fog lamps with the front bumper. How hard is it to change the rear duff cover?
  8. Wildtrak Bronco Thread

    We have a very energetic large dog. I would absolutely hate if my first new vehicle got scratches in the leather or the mgv. We went with cloth
  9. Wildtrak Bronco Thread

    What is everyone's opinion on using the wild track for rock climbing? I AM getting a wildtrack. I plan on putting it to use the way it's made to. But, my in laws are all jeepers and I would also love to hit rubicon with them. Outside of the under body protection, do you think it would make it...
  10. Bronco Off-Roadeo Registration Now Open, Begins June 28 in Texas

    so im very confused, sorry if it has been answered before i have a wildtrack reservation, not an order pushed back to 2022, can i register for the offrodeo? or is it only for current orders?
  11. Extended Warranty costs

    Has anyone had any experience with GEICO mechanical breakdown insurance? Covers you for 10/100k.
  12. Went to the Fontana Bronco event

    I thought the overland was on 37s and didn't fit?
  13. Cameras

    Gotcha, so we can see a side view but not the direct view from the actual tires we've seen. (Unless I've seen it wrong). I thought the tire view was literally a view directly from the tires
  14. Cameras

    I've spent the better part of this morning looking up this question. Sorry if it has been addressed but I cannot find it Does the wildtrack with the high package have the cameras on the wheels for being on the trail? Or is that only the badlands?
  15. Central TX Bronco Club

  16. Texas Members Roll Call

    Glenn Heights
  17. Pics & Videos From OKC Show: 2-Door Trail Concept and Overland Concept Broncos

    I'm the one with the glasses, feel free to tag me in whatever
  18. Pics & Videos From OKC Show: 2-Door Trail Concept and Overland Concept Broncos

    It was awesome running into yall! @ThinBlueBronco
  19. Questions

    i was under the impression that the wildtrack flares are that glossy black?