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  1. Anyone in the RDU area with a 2 door I can test fit an infant seat in?

    I’m in Mooresville, u could try on mine if u want, I know it’s a bit of a drive. We did a back seat test with a friend of mine who weighs almost 300 lbs yesterday and he said it was very roomy, we were all surprised
  2. North Carolina $1,250 - Set of 4. Fuel Contra, 20x9 6x5.5 wheels 2mm offset

    Bought a New Bronco and these wheels weren’t the look I was going for. They only have 120 miles on them. This is for wheels only, keeping the tires. I honestly didn’t think I’d like the Bronco on 20s but it actually looks great in person. Posting a pic from Real Truck website so you can see...
  3. Texas Looking to trade my Sasquatch fender flares for Non-Sasquatch flares.

    I’d trade ya. Sadly I’m in NC
  4. Picking Up Bronco Friday! Dealer insisted on financing

    Just closed on my Bronco, dealer got me 2.39% for 72 months. My credit union was at 2.54, so it was an easy decision, made the dealer happy and no need to refinance later
  5. First Look: Aftermarket Bronco Sway Bar Quick Disconnects

    What is the name of the company? I’d like to check em out
  6. Copperhorse73

    Carolina Broncos

    PM sent
  7. Adjusted asking price. Have an offer. Thanks for the input.

    Check Facebook marketplace for what new Wrangler Rubicon takeoffs are going for. That’s probably what u could reasonably expect to get. Here that market is 1,000 to 1,200
  8. Diode Dynamics Stage Series 6" Light Bar Fog Kit Now Available

    @ATLBronco75 , here u go, I remember u were talking about this setup
  9. Currently available winch solutions for 2021+ Bronco another one. No details on ACC relocation
  10. Build and price down, is the change over in progress?

    Yep, still 2021, no evident changes…. Damn it!
  11. Build and price down, is the change over in progress?

    with ordering reopening on the 13th, I’ve really been hoping that B&P goes live a bit earlier than that. I’m changing to eruption green (Maybe?) and adding tow to my 2dr Badsquatch. Of course everything is subject to change once the new tool is live and I’m right back to my “analysis paralysis “
  12. Build and price down, is the change over in progress?

    True that, but doesn’t it feel “appropriate”?
  13. Build and price down, is the change over in progress?

    As of this morning the B&P tool for both 2021 Bronco and Sport appear to be down. lets hope this means us MY22 folks will soon be able to start planning our order modification.
  14. California Loaded Outer Banks - 2DR, SF Bay Area

    Can u post your window sticker?

    Rear shock skids will be one of the first mods I do, I think a few companies are developing them
  16. Georgia Badlands Stock Wheels/Tires ~400mi

    Is it all 5? TPmS included?
  17. Anyone tried manually disconnecting sway bar yet?

    Interesting, yep, that’s a 2 tool removal for sure. I doubt I’d do a RockJock simply because I tried it for a few months on my JK and it was basically a compromise both on and off road compared to factory sway bar with quick disconnects
  18. Anyone tried manually disconnecting sway bar yet?

    For a few reasons, namely that SAS is offered on every trim, I’m really considering changing away from Badlands trim to something else. looks like there isn’t a quick disconnect option on the market yet, but I’m well aware that , in theory, you could unbolt the bottom bolt and secure it up out...