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  1. FJ Cruiser Owner: Will Bronco be similar quality?

    Unpopular opinion probably, but I think not if I am honest. People keep talking about modern manufacturing, yet modern Ford Explorers can't remotely touch the reliability of Toyotas built 30 years ago. Yes, modern manufacturing does allow more detailed and better quality control, but modern...
  2. Live Reveal: Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392

    Man, a lot of hate for Jeep in this thread. My YJ was the most fun vehicle I have ever owned, though it was also the least reliable and the most unpleasant to drive. I plan to test drive a Wrangler or two just to see where they are now. To be honest, I am more impressed with the 4xE than I...
  3. CONFIRMED: Mid Package not available with MT on lower trims

    What does "streamlined customer choices matched to transmissions" mean? Something to do with more efficient assembly?
  4. Real life pics of Bronco Black Diamond Interior

    I don't mind the gray. At least some parts of the seats won't be quite as blazing hot in Texas, though I would prefer more lighter options. However.... A thousand times this. I think I saw one preproduction 2-door that had hard plastic on the seat backs, but that really doesn't mean much...
  5. Sweet spot For the money - Black Diamond non-Squatch

    This is where I am right now. However, the lack of mid and manual is a huge dark mark on the BD. Ford really hamstrung the options for the manual transmission overall for reasons I can't quite understand.
  6. Holding Off On Ordering My Bronco

    No need to be critical of someone who is taking a second look at their reservation when something offered at the time of reservation changes its availability afterwards. I would hold on to your reservation and talk to the dealer at the time of ordering to get your options. I can promise it...
  7. Camping in a Bronco 4 Door + Measurements for Rear Sleeping Area

    If they added that tailgate to the two door I would snatch it up immediately.
  8. Biggest Complaints So Far

    1.) Carpet under the seats and on the seat backs of washout interior 2.) Unable to get manual transmission with Mid package below Badlands 3.) No floor leveling accessory for cargo area
  9. 2021 Bronco Preliminary Build & Price Dealer Quick Reference Guide [PDF]

    I think, given you are roped into an entire package to get most of the safety and tech, its a bit more sensible to just remove the remote start and keep everything else when you opt for a manual with mid.
  10. CONFIRMED: Mid Package not available with MT on lower trims

    Well, money on the table especially since their primary competitor has no such restrictions. The package to trim setup has been among a few things that have taken my hype smile down a notch.
  11. Marine Grade Vinyl rear seat back material

    Yeah, that image is of MGV with the rubberized flooring. Really if they plan to leave the seat backs and rear cargo area carpet, they should change rubberized flooring to washout footwells, which would be far more accurate with what they are offering. I am personally holding out hope for...
  12. Black Diamond vs Jeep Willys (Comparison)

    Yeah, that's something each individual person will have to assess for their usage and requirements, both daily and recreation. I do a lot of long road trips, camping, backpacking but I don't really rock crawl just for sake of it. For me, the advantages of IFS outweigh the advantages of SFA.
  13. Black Diamond vs Jeep Willys (Comparison)

    I am also doing this comparison, though only as a 2-door. Keep in mind, I have no interest in a V-6 or Sasquatch. MGV and wash-out interior is a huge plus for the BD over the Willys, with the massive caveat that the BD may in reality only have wash out footwells if the cargo and seat backs...
  14. Dates for 2021 Bronco Order Acceptance, Scheduling and Production Start Revealed!

    :D I admit it was a bit of sarcasm. Ford so far as been a bit overly optimistic on their dates and no more is that evident then the B&P, which seems to be missing most of the accessories and leaves more questions than answers. Ford also explicitly said they are looking at those issues along...
  15. Dates for 2021 Bronco Order Acceptance, Scheduling and Production Start Revealed!

    So, in a month will they have a full list of options and accessories able to be priced out along with availability dates?
  16. Black diamond 12" upgrade w/ pics on b+p

    Yeah, exactly. That's the way most places do it, but that's not the way it works on the B&P. You do not have that option currently from Ford. Could be glitch, but seems like a pretty obvious one to miss on a release, since its the only available package on that trim.
  17. Black diamond 12" upgrade w/ pics on b+p

    Exactly! And it isn't like Jeep set it up that way as a response to Ford. That's the way it was before the Bronco got announced. Jeep splits what's in Bronco's mid package into Tech, Convenience, and Safety then allows you to add whatever you want without changing the drivetrain, recognizing...
  18. Black diamond 12" upgrade w/ pics on b+p

    Jeep allows you to spec the entire tech package and the safety group without arbitrarily removing the manual transmission. For me, that's not Ford winning. Edit: And, as a note, Jeep let's you add convenience group with Remote start to a manual transmission setup, it just removes the remote...
  19. Black diamond 12" upgrade w/ pics on b+p

    Exactly. If I want a 12" screen, I need to get an automatic transmission too. Super frustrating. There's a lot of features in the mid package that I would like to have, but I love driving a manual, which forces me into a frustrating trade-off.
  20. Black diamond 12" upgrade w/ pics on b+p

    They still lose me at the point where I can't get this and a manual transmission. I assume since the mid package includes remote start, which I don't really want, it negates the entire set for compatibility with the manual because...reasons?