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  1. Memes

  2. It finally made it... and I'm tied up at work. Go figure.

    No worries, I'll go pick it up for you. ;)
  3. BFG KO2’s or General Grabber ATX’s?

    To remind everyone how cool they are!
  4. 21 Bronco Just sold on Mecum

    Wasn't SAS, if you watch video there's only 4 hero buttons. The wheels look like the optional Badlands ones but not sure they're 33's or not. I like what they tried with the Stroppe colors but really kinda half ass job. The hood should be black but guess they were reversing the black soft top...
  5. Ford Sunrider Black Twill For Hardtop 4-Door Bronco 2021

    It's an accessory right? You should get the full MIC and sunrider top should be in the back or it'll be sent to dealer and either dealer or customer can install. Look up sunrider, they have install video for a jeep, doesn't look hard.
  6. Target has Broncos!!

    Unfortunately I'm over the GVWR :(
  7. Normal or a game?

    Wrong, no VIN you could cancel outright and you both lose. Not sure if anyone has had luck changing dealers for '22 orders but you can definately bring that to the discussion. Also you can transfer reservation to immediate family so up to you on that one.
  8. Where do I stand in line?? - Granger Ford Customers

    Thanks Zach, based on my reasoning I'd be July/August 22 so I'm glad I'm waiting for white top anyway. Do you think my odds are good for one of the first 23 allocations with an early second day reservation (morning after)?
  9. Shots fired guys….

    How many people are dropping that on soft top Big Bend?
  10. Shots fired guys….

    I think you might be punching above your weight class on that one.
  11. Positive dealer experience at X plan pricing (MI)

    Where's the outrage? the conspiracy? the call to arms??? JK, glad to read a happy ending for once, Bronco looks great !
  12. The "Blue" Bronco should have gotten

    Porsche also offers a custom paint option for a mere $11,430 as well so you can be as blue as your wallet allows. I'll just be happy if Brittney makes the cutover for '23 and a white top shows up. :)
  13. Manual and Mid package

    Agree, Ford shooting themselves in the foot only to try and justify it later. Hey Ford, people that drive manuals like content and power too.
  14. Manual and Mid package

    I'd like mid and manual too, maybe '23 if we keep bothering Ford about it they'll make it available.
  15. So, your dealer is charging you an ADM / Price Mark-Up, what can you do??

    I know you mean well but if dealers act this way and see a potental $10k+ profit in their pocket all you're going to get is this ... My local dealer way back when told me the price was going to be the price when I asked about ADM and that was enough to have me move my reservation to Granger...
  16. Is a 2022 Brittany Blue Bronco coming?

    I think the hint is right there in the color code.
  17. When will B&P for MY22 go live?

    It'll be soon, meant to get screen shot but B&P was looping me around earlier and showing 2022 but not letting me get actually into build anything.