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  1. Resolution on DCH Ford ADM issue

    Lifetime, and they'll turn it into a Christmas story.
  2. Resolution on DCH Ford ADM issue

    That's a good way of putting it.
  3. Update-Situation fixed-So my Bronco has come in.... & marked up 10k by DCH FORD OF EATONTOWN

    A few hundred. The problem is there will be several thousand with new broncos who paid the price and don't care.
  4. Mike Levine saying outright he does NOT care about Granger/Chapman/SAC

    Same story here. All the Chicago area dealers down to the farthest suburbs were the same. No interest in Bronco, knew nothing about Bronco, lied straight to my face about Bronco info.
  5. Mike Levine saying outright he does NOT care about Granger/Chapman/SAC

    It's not going to blow up in their face. We're just a few hundred or thousand. They're going to deliver thousands of Broncos to other people and they'll be driving around getting new people interested in bug markets where the money flies. They don't care that we're driving them. 1200 other...
  6. Wasn’t planning on financing, but…

    That's what I thought. Or ACA coverage.
  7. What’s your opinion, is this Bronco mine?

    Or as many thousand as you can get.
  8. So I got a VIN…but for the wrong top

    I agree. Might suck for a while but it'll be ready to add a hardtop.
  9. Cargo Safe (Locking Storage) by Console Vault - installation and review on 2021 Bronco

    Thanks for sharing. I thought of getting this. Not so sure now.
  10. Bronco Sales Price

    This sounds terrible, but $893 seems to be a pretty good deal with no previous signed agreement.
  11. Moab Off-Roadeo Trip report: From Alabama to Utah

    Wow, you took a lot of time to share with us. Thanks. And no misspellings in that whole thing that jumped out. 😆
  12. '21 ManSquatch / SelfSquatch Black Diamond Build

    Omg! That's beautiful. Can't wait till my hardtop is in. Mine is in Cyber but that blue with the black all around is so nice. Dealership near the house here has a 4dr velocity blue black diamond and it just looks so awesome.
  13. ausherpharmd

    Granger Fan Club - Broncotown, USA

    Same here. Mine was 7/16.
  14. Northern Illinois

    4 Dr soft top
  15. Northern Illinois

    For anyone who hasn't seen one in person yet, and living in the Gurnee area, Gillespie has a Velocity Black Diamond out front.
  16. Army Green 2021 Ford Bronco Wildtrak (Wrap)

    I think the green grass takes away from it.
  17. Black diamond came available should I take it?

    That sounds like many peoples builds on here, mine included.