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  1. Bronco 6G Aftermarket Parts Poll!!!

    I want aftermarket upgraded trim pieces to replace some of the cheap plastic in the interior.
  2. Bad news about MIC 2.0 quality after a few days

    I'm pretty sure the MIC tops were one of prototypes made by Webasto's european engineers. I don't think they tested using the mass production tops "made in the USA".
  3. Dealerships Starting to Receive Stock Broncos

    Just an FYI, all window stickers are now blue window stickers, including our ordered broncos.
  4. 🛠 10/25 Build Week Group

    It's interesting that yours will be transported by rail, but mine is coming via convoy even though we're in the same state.
  5. AR | STIRRUP OEM Rail Fitment, Billet Aluminum Side Step - Brongo6G Exclusive Part

    Love this. I'm in when it's available.
  6. Heated Seats

    Virginia doesn't get winters as far as I'm concerned, that's why I said I am a northerner. I grew up in Michigan's UP. I moved here two weeks before the "snowmageddon" storm in 2010 and thought it was hilarious that everything shutdown for an entire week for what I considered to be a normal...
  7. Should I Sell My 74 Now That I Have My New Bronco?

    Fair enough. I'd only say that identifying bubbles is actually pretty easy. Knowing how big they'll get and when they'll pop is incredibly hard. Now if you had just said "owning a vehicle isn’t always about what I bought if for and what I might get one day" I'd be in complete agreement.
  8. Should I Sell My 74 Now That I Have My New Bronco?

    There is a MASSIVE bubble in the vintage Broncos right now. I would definitely be selling it and then buy it back later when the bubble pops. I've already sold off my car collection this year because the prices are insane so I only have a daily driver left, and that will be out the door as soon...
  9. Recovery kit manufacturers

    I have Matt's Off-Road Recovery rope. It's a yellow Yankum rope and I wanted to support that youtube channel because it was highly entertaining during covid.
  10. Recovery kit manufacturers

    I have a kinetic rope and soft shackles for now. I'll probably add a winch when I see someone come up with a decent option for the badlands that doesn't block the camera.
  11. Heated Seats

    I'm a northerner by birth and I've always hated heated seats. I don't want my seat giving me swamass and as northern I've always just dressed appropriately for the weather outside, problem solved. Then again I consider 40s to be light jacket weather.
  12. Can you wire dash cam to auxiliary switch?

    So it all depends. If you have parking mode enabled, then there will generally be some parasitic drain on the battery. Hardcore dashcam fans tend to buy accessory battery packs for their dashcams (see video below), but I generally just run with parking mode disabled. With the thinkware OBD port...
  13. Regretting order?

    I've seen them both in person right next to each other. Once at the off-roadeo and once at my dealership's demo day event last summer. The OBX wheel looks very skinny and taller (because it is both) compared to the badlands. The badlands wheel and tire combo looked closer in dimensions to the...
  14. Can you wire dash cam to auxiliary switch?

    I plan on using a thinkware dash camera with the OBD harness just like what the dash cam in the ford accessories catalog does. That way you don't have to splice into the fuse panel or waste an Aux switch on it. The OBD harness is simply plug and play.
  15. Regretting order?

    Not sure what you've seen, but they look incredibly different in person.
  16. Regretting order?

    Honestly, it sounds like you really should be shopping for a different SUV. You seem to want more amenities and a nice interior with some snow capability. That's not really the bronco. Power seats only come with the leather. For the most part the bronco interior is utilitarian and definitely not...
  17. ⏱ 2022 MY Bronco Begins Scheduling on 10/28 for Production Weeks 12/13, 12/20, 12/27

    Only way to tell difference is if it has a MY21 exclusive paint job, or one of the new MY22 colors.
  18. Are you getting hood struts? Which ones?

    I ordered the regular cheaper redlines. It's not something that will get weekly use (hopefully), so it's not a part I want an "elite" version of.
  19. Are you getting hood struts? Which ones?

    I already purchased the redline ones because I've used them before.