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  1. When the dealer is just wrong....

    Mine asked me to confirm rumors that he heard about production delays. Made me feel confident that they are going to be great to work with! /s
  2. Broncos coming to New England?

    I could swing that and make a trip to a few breweries to make a day of it! That's some exciting news.
  3. Spotted: Bronco Wildtrak & Outer Banks in Carbonized Gray, Rapid Red, Cyber Orange, Black

    ...and here i was thinking that I was going to be one of the few on Carbonized Grey. Glad to see it in real life with the MIC mono look. 110% sold. Glad to see others just as excited on that color as well.
  4. Anyone Now on the Bronco Fence or Totally Off It Now that the B&P is Out?

    I was 100% over the fence to buy in September. Between the xplan drop, production delays due to add ons, and a very lack luster/bugged out BP launch after months of delays, October completely punted me back to the other side with a hard no on MY21. Maybe next year...
  5. Compiled list of issues / bugs with Bronco Build & Price

    Black Diamond B&P, as previously stated, is just a hot, hot, hot mess. Just no continuity across the all trim levels. I seriously can't get a the mid package with my MT? Yeah, OK, I know remote start doesn't work on a manual, but that one thing negates the entire mid package offer? I can't...
  6. Anyone interested in getting together for a New England purchase at a single dealer?

    This... I'm currently at Bonnell in Winchester for mine. I didn't like the purchasing experience on my last car but the service department is excellent and they have a seemingly good rep. They confirmed X-plan months ago but with the X-Plan off the table now, I'm not set on them any more. I...
  7. BONNELL ford Winchester ma

    Just heard back from Bonnell. They said as long as Ford honors x plan pricing, they will too. They did note that on limited units (used a raptor as an example, so 1st Ed for Broncos), they do not honor x plan pricing which has been known across the board. Glad to hear this from them.
  8. BONNELL ford Winchester ma

    I too have them slated as my dealer. I sent back a reply this morning to the rep listed in the email sent to me. Believe his name was Mark. I asked about x plans too. Hoping to get some clarity.