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  1. Rockslide Engineering Steps - GROUP BUY has started!

    I’m in x2 ….. both 4dr ….maybe add an additional 2dr
  2. BAD NEWS!!! Ford Lied!!!!

    does yours show "built" or "in production 8/11"? mine still shows "in production".
  3. BAD NEWS!!! Ford Lied!!!!

    ouch well Ford, what say you?
  4. BAD NEWS!!! Ford Lied!!!!

    hmmmmm, maybe...just maybe...because you have yours??
  5. BAD NEWS!!! Ford Lied!!!!

    lmao...i was just getting ready to type that!!!! sitting in my hammock rubbing one off to my poster.......its all goooooood, man
  6. BAD NEWS!!! Ford Lied!!!!

    hahahaha....thats a good one and probably true
  7. BAD NEWS!!! Ford Lied!!!!

    the sarcasm is quite blatant in your response and I'm sure intended that way. not sure if its contrived from jealousy or antagonism...either way, you need help.
  8. BAD NEWS!!! Ford Lied!!!!

    hahaha...not at all upset with him, in fact, Im happy he's getting his sooner than expected. my frustration only lies with Ford sending a press release on how they would handle the 2nd Gen MIC rollout and not following through with their own commitment.
  9. BAD NEWS!!! Ford Lied!!!!

    that makes sense, thank you
  10. BAD NEWS!!! Ford Lied!!!! rant is in no way about me having to wait....many people have waited much longer for their "built" bronco. I have been waiting 26yrs for the bronco(since the last one built was in 1996). Im happy Ford brought back the Bronco. Im happy i was able to reserve a First Edition within the...
  11. BAD NEWS!!! Ford Lied!!!!

    not a lot of logic with what you said. building them requires labor = money. they have already spent the money on dirt mountain broncos that has yet to be recouped and in addition, storage costs money as well. simple math shows dirt mountain is costing them money by not getting them shipped...
  12. BAD NEWS!!! Ford Lied!!!!

    hahahahaha...he was actually very delicate with a text...."Did you get your ship date?" Well, fk no i didn't!!!!
  13. BAD NEWS!!! Ford Lied!!!!

    i reserved sooner and ordered sooner....again, mine was built first...the day before the plant shut down over "TOPS"
  14. BAD NEWS!!! Ford Lied!!!!

    Remember how ford said they will prioritize 2nd Gen Tops: 1st Replace tops on already delivered Broncos 2nd Replace all tops on built but not delivered Broncos 3rd Produce new Broncos with 2nd gen tops Well, they LIED! My First Edition was built 8/17 (right before they shut down), my...
  15. 8/19/21 Scheduling Update + Note to Granger Res Holders

    I have a vin and supposedly built on 8/11. If I could change it would be Granger. They seem to be a class act. Unfortunately, it appears I’m too late to change. Five star has a really cool wildtrak mannequin on 37’s. Wish they could have given correct information about Granger rather than...
  16. 8/19/21 Scheduling Update + Note to Granger Res Holders

    Thanks for the response. Dealer in Plano is full of shit and lied to me. Good to know.
  17. Question for all those who purchased from big discount dealers….

    I have not called the dealer. Received the email below; however, website shows it’s still in production. That’s why I called Ford Customer Care. Good ole Conner said it’s built and shows in production because it’s waiting on a top.
  18. Question for all those who purchased from big discount dealers….

    Mine is a smaller one. N Central Ford. They haven’t even received a mannequin yet much less an ordered Bronco. My build date was 8/13, supposedly built 8/11. Called Ford Customer Service today for the first time and spoke with Conner. This dude was a dipshit. Said mine was built and sitting in...