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  1. Test Drive First Impressions - OBX, 4 Dr, Soft top, 2.7, Lux

    I dialed the GOAT mode to Sport. One the screen is noted that it was shifting into 4X4. I think in said 4x4 AUTO, but not 100% sure. I can confirm that the GOAT rotary knob had 4A on. It may be different for ones that do not have the 4A.
  2. Test Drive First Impressions - OBX, 4 Dr, Soft top, 2.7, Lux

    Funny, my son said the same thing. He was bummed he was in school when I went. Also, I think we've seen plenty of pics. Besides the Carbonized Grey with the roast interior is not very photogenic :)
  3. Test Drive First Impressions - OBX, 4 Dr, Soft top, 2.7, Lux

    Test drive was at Danvers Ford. This is who my order is placed with. Thanks for the info about York Ford. It's the red one...right? I've seen it a few times driving down Rt. 1.
  4. Test Drive First Impressions - OBX, 4 Dr, Soft top, 2.7, Lux

    So, I finally got to drive the Bronco. Took one out for 45 minutes yesterday. A few quick thoughts below. As reference, I drive a 2010 F150 SuperCrew 4x4 with the 5.4 V8. Also, I am a 7/15 res for a 2Dr BD, 2.7, Mid Pkg who was told I'll be a MY22. Seating position and view over the hood...
  5. CYBER ORANGE Bronco Club

    2 dr, Black Diamond, 2.7, Auto 4x4, and Mid. July 15th and no info on delivery. I just keep hoping Ford will focus MIC tops on 2 dr orders, but I know that is too good to be true. So, I will sit and wait. I just really want a production date, even if it is in the Fall of this year. I will...
  6. 4 hours to E day... what's your breaking point?

    I chose Q1 2022, but in reality I will most likely wait it out. I don't need another vehicle at this time. First born is getting license this summer, so having a third vehicle start of school year would be great, but not a requirement. I keep thinking what else would I buy, but nothing else...
  7. First in person impressions and thoughts.

    Not really. You can raise and lower the seat by quite a bit. Seating position felt similar to my F150. All I can say is that it felt right and familiar to me.
  8. First in person impressions and thoughts.

    Just got back from seeing the Bronco. There were (2) and both were 4-door with soft-top. Silver Badlands with MGV and 2.3L and Manual. The other AMB Black Diamond, Squatched, with 2.7L and 10Sp. After seeing in person I am not changing my order - 2Dr, BD in CO, 2.7 with 10Sp and Auto 4x4 and...
  9. Vermont Off-Rodeo May Be Coming to Suicide Six Ski Area [Update: Nixed by Local Residents]

    Wouldn't be surprised if they look to move it to New Hampshire - "Live Free or Die"! I would think NH would be more open to this type of activity.
  10. Broncos out in the sun @ Allen Park! Cyber Orange Badlands 2-door and Area 51 Wildtrak 4-door

    Nice. I'm going CO 2-Dr. BD. Just want end of May to get here so I know how much longer I'll have to wait.
  11. Outer Banks Interior Tour | Roast with Black Onyx UP CLOSE

    great video. It's the blue stitching and accents with the roast that is throwing me off. I like the blue accents in the BD trim, but the roast/black/blue not doing it for me.
  12. Why does Ford make it so complicated?!

    Not trying to be a dick, but I just don’t get the “must have” with the signature lights. The standard lights are LED as well. Why so important?
  13. What is your final build?

    Order converted a few weeks back. I did decide to make a color change from Cactus Grey to Cyber Orange. CO was original thought when I first saw release. Then went to CG as I spent more time going through the builds. After recent viewing of CG, I just felt is was a bit too muted for my...
  14. All the vehicles we have owned before.

    In order of ownership and if bought new or used. 1992 Ford Probe GT - new 1998 Audi A4 Quatro - new 1996 Izuzu Rodeo - used 2002 Subaru Legacy GT - new 2004 Honda Element EX AWD - new 1988 Chevy Corsica - used (gifted from grandfather) 1998 Dodge Intrepid - used 2007 Mazda CX-9 Sport AWD - new...
  15. Steel wheels vs High Gloss Aluminum wheels for the black diamond?

    getting the steel wheels on my BD. Just like the utilitarian look.
  16. Bummed, 7/15 reservations

    I am a 7/15 res holder. My dealer told me that I am #43 out of 82 and that their allocation is about 23 units. I want a 2dr BD, 2.7 with Mid. So, based on allocation and the 7 deadlies, I have pretty much accepted that I will be a MY22. Surprised on how many day 1 & 2 res there were
  17. Defender 90 vs Bronco 2 door

    I have to say that I went and test drove a Defender today. It was the 110 with the P300 engine. Rode nice and felt great at 80+ MPH on the highway. I did like the interior, clean and classy. Nothing fancy. I will test drive the D90 when it comes in. Dealer said they would get one in a...
  18. Ordering Process

    I guess I am just going to have to wait until May for my email from Ford telling me when my Bronco will be delivered. Until that day it is all speculation and I have no control or influence over it. Hate this feeling.
  19. Ordering Process

    I hope that is not the case. I've read all the posts and watched the videos and I still don't understand the "allocation" process. Regardless, not like I have any influence on the process. Being a 7/15 res date I was hoping to get a Bronco in the first couple months of builds. If I find out...