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  1. Virginia Anyone willing to trade factory 4 door tube steps for rock slides?

    do you want to sell them....i will be in near you on wednesday..if so how much
  2. Hard top vs soft top noise

    I own a hard top 2 door badlands and a 4 door base soft top.The soft top seem to have a lot more road noise .. The hard top has sound deadening ...I know it alot louder if you dont get it...
  3. Come and get your $90k Big Bend!

    I sell my base bronco soft top 4 door with 2.7 for 80k..That save you 10k ..Its instock at
  4. Thank you All.

    Yes I can even to you.LOL
  5. Thank you All.

    I just want to say thankyou !! To all of you that help durning these ford nitemare!!! Take care and hope you get your broncos soon!!
  6. Choosing the soft top or MIC top for MY22

    My 2 door is a lot quieter than my wifes soft top.
  7. 🛠 10/11 Build Week Group

    really dont care what you believe..The truth is that how long it took.But if you want to be technical .It was a 9/13 build that got bumped to 10/14.
  8. 🛠 10/11 Build Week Group

    I had a 10/14 build date..My bronco is at the dealership this morning..Not to bad it only took 6 days ....
  9. Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk

    I cant wait to see what my Gmc Hummer ev will do!!!
  10. My dealer claims only 75k Broncos will be built in 2022, half for dealer stock

    I feel sorry for you sitting in your hate as i pick up my second bronco tommorrow...
  11. Shots fired guys….

    look out next someone will post this!!!
  12. My dealer claims only 75k Broncos will be built in 2022, half for dealer stock

    I talk to my dealer and he stated that only 75,000 broncos will be built in 2022. He also said 1/2 will be for dealer stock..
  13. 🛠 10/11 Build Week Group

    mine was Dispatched on Oct 19 2021 ..The dealer is 20 miles from plant .Im guessing I will get it today or tommorrow....:unsure: Ordered two within first two minutes...Bandlands 2 door delivered 7/ 20/2021... base had to change to four door soft top1 and a 10/20/21 delivery ...
  14. More Bronco Swag Incoming from Ten10 Design

    Do you still get swag after you get your bronco?
  15. My bronco badlands...

    Figured it would get a little better fuel economy then a f150 and a little faster than one too...but wrong...
  16. My bronco badlands...

    mine came standard with rockrails
  17. My bronco badlands...

    Sorry Eyes just an uneducated backwoods badlands bronco.we cant all bees the educated mail crawl type like uses....
  18. My bronco badlands...

    I love my two door badlands But when I ordered it I thought two thing one it would get ok mileage and it would be fast .Well its not any of thooose thing..However it is great off road and climbs up almost anything .
  19. Post Your Bronco Production Line Pics! (From Ford Emails Starting Today)

    10/14 BUILD LIKE TO SEE MY PICTURE ..PLEASE.... :poop: