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  1. WTF is a regional constraint?

    Regional constraint could mean limiting heated steering wheel (which means Lux package) to northern climates and leaving Lux temporarily unavailable in Hawaii
  2. Anyone gone through a car wash yet?

    The rinse cycle in a touch less ( I would never put the plastic windows or even the painted body through a brush cycle) will not completely rinse off the soap. Nor do I think you would want the wax and clear coat protector applied to the soft top. It might sound like good idea but I think it...
  3. Complete Engine Failure - SAS Big Bend - 3wk Old / 1000mi / 2.7L EcoBoost

    Give him a preproduction Expedition Timberline
  4. 2.7 Oil Change: Took 6 Quarts Not 7

    My 2 cents The pan has a capacity of much more than 7 if you took it off and filled it to overflowing. Probably more like 20. It is the freshly assembled and installed ENGINE PLUS ALL LINES AND FILTERS before the vehicle rolls off the assembly line that stated capacity is 7. In no world can...
  5. Auxiliary Switch Ratings are updated from previous specs

    So if running a pair of old school 55 watt (non-LED) fog lamps (drawing almost 5 amps each) only hook up to switch 1 or 2 without a relay in between.
  6. Bad news about MIC 2.0 quality after a few days

    Some coolers come close, Yeti, Grizzly, RTIC (a little less) but you can buy an Igloo for $20 whose handles come off when you pick it up (experience) Igloo 48 qt. Laguna Ice Chest Cooler - Red - my guess is these were engineered by Ford
  7. Bad news about MIC 2.0 quality after a few days

    I decorate my brick house every year with Christmas lights up the corners attached usually with duck tape, I tried Gorilla brand but it is too thick and does not stick to the bricks as well, but two years ago I tried Flex Seal brand tape and I have yet to be able to remove all the tape from the...
  8. Quadratec Bike Rack

    And it depends on how much you have invested in your bikes. A <$400 rack may be just fine for <$400 bikes, but would you put a $4000 bike on that rack? Or a $12,500 Specialized S-works Enduro? If I had one of those it would ride up front in the passenger seat!
  9. Quadratec Bike Rack

    That price point seems about $100 lower than many of the racks available. It does give you limited access to the back with bikes loaded, at least enough to lift the rear window. But any hitch mounted rack will work as long as you use an extension. Better off with a swinging hitch to get the...
  10. Bad news about MIC 2.0 quality after a few days

    Dicor Seal-Tite 50' Roll of RV Repair Corner Seal Tape -
  11. Bad news about MIC 2.0 quality after a few days

    What I don't get is the why they built it the way they did. Option 1: Look at a semi-solid gel-coated shower stall at Home Depot, why is the top not gel-coated to be as smooth as a baby's behind? Option 2.: Why is it not blow-molded, roto-molded or injection-molded from single source pvc...
  12. Sasquatch Stock Tires in Snow?

    I went with the "regular" 32" tires, but as far as snow itself the more aggressive tread pattern should be good. The difference will be ice under the snow. And that will depend on several factors, not just tire width (narrower is usually better as it provides greater psi downforce) but also...
  13. Is keyless entry keypad installed at factory or dealer?

    He means open the computer software and add the keypad as a new additional keyfob, if in fact the number of keyfobs is controlled by the vehicle. As long as a fob learns the key code I don't see why there would be any difference. Its not like the keypad stores your mileage and driving habits...
  14. Shots fired guys….

    Now this is not really a shot but a putdown. This is a true "ORV-shots fired!" not some wimpy "crossover" but Chik-fil-A must not have that key programmed yet. And it's AMB, not Black - don't know how many times I get that
  15. Shots fired guys….

    Yeah but you can fix that by pulling the engine, climb inside the engine bay and replace all the lower suspension bushings without using a lift (did so on a Cherokee when we had to replace engine)
  16. Another Road Trip in 'Mid Life Crisis'

    Michael, bet you can request a replacement union pride sticker after the windshield is replaced. It will look naked without it And I arrived at work yesterday with a chip in my windshield, low just above the driver wiper. Safelite fixed it. I asked them how much a full windshield runs and...
  17. 🛠 8/30 Build Week Group

    Bucky was an 8/30 blend date delivered to dealer 9/28 +/- and received by me 10/9. If you got the first email with the broken link you should also have received a corrected email later.
  18. Soft top twill

    And one of the reasons 2021 2 doors were held up is there was no factory softtop only option like they offered for our 4 doors
  19. Pennsylvania Big Bend tires & wheels (separately or as a package)

    Not interested myself but there was someone from NC, and from SC looking for same