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  1. Mud/Rock Spray - How will you protect your paint?

    Probably PPF the doors. Although I could just say forget it and not do anything. I feel like that is a big plus with the Cactus Gray color.
  2. Bad news about MIC 2.0 quality after a few days

    Because they are in the group that thinks “lower your expectations” is a good idea.
  3. Bronco Badlands vs Jeep 392 Wrangler off-road trail drive comparison review [Truck King]

    I don’t think the term ‘gimmick’ is the best word for the Bronco’s stabar disconnect. Why? Because it actually works as they say it will. A gimmick is something that tricks you, like something that works on tv but is actually crappy in real life. I would say this is more of a refined version...
  4. Bronco Badlands vs Jeep 392 Wrangler off-road trail drive comparison review [Truck King]

    Okay, but have you ridden in a Badlands on a higher speed trail where the disconnect engages and disenagages at the 20 mph mark? It is actually very impressive, pretty sure you can’t do that in any other vehicle because you have always needed to be stationary and on flat ground. But go off.
  5. Just purchased the dealerships demo

    Would this be in Yuma, AZ? Was down there for business a couple months ago and went by a dealer. Saw they had a Cactus Gray Wildtrack. Interesting part was it had a soft top. Rode like a dream, can’t wait to get my Badlands in same color.
  6. Why would the design team put a chrome emblem on a vehicle with all black trim?

    This has me thinking. I wonder what it would look like to remove the decals/stickers and put the polished black Bronco in their place. Remove the Bronco from the tailgate and replace with Bronco script or the decal/sticker. anybody else thought of this or tried it?
  7. Tracking for remaining MY21 builds

    Submitted my info. Got my window sticker over the weekend so it should be built next Monday, based on Blend Date. Will be curious to see how it all goes until I see my baby in the flesh!
  8. Relocated Badlands trim badge to front of fender

    Interesting, different. Might look best if you bring it higher to line up with your Bronco badge, just my guess.
  9. Awesome dealership experience w/ Benson Ford in Easley, SC

    AMB is definitely a classy, rich, deep blue. Good looking Bronco you’ve got, that’s for sure. Only downside is what it might look like after taking tight trails(pinstripes) or getting hit with rock and dirt on the doors. You will see all the imperfections, but a good PPF solution would help...
  10. 2022 Bronco Price Protection Announced

    I understand frustration but didn’t they already say that the price protection would be for a similar order/trim to what you have set up in 2021? Trying to go from Black Diamond to a Badlands is a completely different trim level and has no protection, I feel like that was obvious, not to...
  11. Custom color painted my Bronco and added lift plus new shoes - Toyos & Methods !

    This is interesting, you basically just described the color dynamic of Cactus Gray. Will be curious to see a side by side photo of the two colors. Looks pretty close but may be a shade or two different. I am back and forth on color match fenders. Rig looks good though, congrats!
  12. What mods do you have waiting on your Broncos?

    This has been my same thinking. Piece it all together as I go. Bronco comes ready to take on most anything, right out of the box, it's like a dream lol
  13. Dirt Mountain released WILDTRAK with MIC Top 2.0 -- build date 6/28/21 arrived TODAY!!! 9/29/21

    Crazier sh!t has happened. I’d be wondering about mine too if i knew it was sitting on that lot for months.
  14. Dirt Mountain released WILDTRAK with MIC Top 2.0 -- build date 6/28/21 arrived TODAY!!! 9/29/21

    OooO, thanks for the heads up. Patience is a virtue for us mere mortals.
  15. Dirt Mountain released WILDTRAK with MIC Top 2.0 -- build date 6/28/21 arrived TODAY!!! 9/29/21

    Great looking combo! But damn, I am jealous! You have the two highest tier builds in your driveway, I barely got my VIN, which already got pushed back lol 🤣 I am lucky, I feel for everyone who is still in the dark.
  16. Dirt Mountain released WILDTRAK with MIC Top 2.0 -- build date 6/28/21 arrived TODAY!!! 9/29/21

    Willow Run has some really cool history, nice little air museum too, but I believe a portion burned in recent years. Some of the B-24 manufacturing buildings are still there. Our company is based in Ann Arbor and we use Willow Run a lot.
  17. MY2022 Reveal / B&P when?

    I am most curious to see what kind of changes there will be to what is available in each package, standard, mid, high, lux, or if they do away with the different tiers and completely change things up. Can't imagine much change outside of maybe a couple interior and exterior colors. Maybe more...
  18. The 2-Door Badlands Sasquatch Is Worth The Hype

    This is true, but also reduces the full capability of the vehicle. Can't take more than 2 people for a ride. 4 door allows you to keep all the seats intact and still pack a ton of stuff. It'll remain ready for those days when you're rolling deep with a full boat of pax.
  19. The 2-Door Badlands Sasquatch Is Worth The Hype

    Agree with you, for the most part. I plan on car camping with platform about midlevel, keep all my stuff below it. People will make a 2-door work with everything you mention, but it'll be packed like a sardine can. Best remedy is exterior storage, roof or hitch.
  20. Bronco dash board instrumentation

    It's kinda funky because it's not a symmetrical cluster. Our brains like symmetry. But, the bigger display is a nice feature, even if part of it is taken up with redundant mph info.