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  1. AUX Auxiliary Switch Ratings are updated from previous specs

    Depends on the lights etc. They will list their AMP draw. My KC's draw 4amp each. So I used aux 6 which is 10amp.
  2. AUX Auxiliary Switch Ratings are updated from previous specs

    I noticed this when installing my KC lights. Glad they upped them.
  3. Tradeoffs - BL + High SAS vs BL + Lux

    My thought process was I can change speakers etc way easier than gearing. I know I will go 37's eventually so the gears were more important to me.
  4. Tradeoffs - BL + High SAS vs BL + Lux

    I have Badlands SAS 2.7 High pkg. Got about 1900 miles on it so far. My use is exactly the same as yours. DD + family adventures. I have a 5 and 9yr. Zero complaints so far. I sometimes am envious of the BO sound system but that's it. Been on 3 weekend trips already and the Bronco has performed...
  5. Moab Bronco Off-rodeo - WOW!!

    thank you!
  6. DREWR13

    Georgia Bronco

    Also I am definitely down for a Bronco Group trip somewhere.
  7. DREWR13

    Georgia Bronco

    AWESOME!!!! Hey quick question. Do you do an out and back on the trail? Like drive to the lunch spot then come back the same way? I'm so excited for my trip. I'm going to be out there Nov 7th.
  8. Moab Bronco Off-rodeo - WOW!!

    Question to the people that did the MOAB Offrodeo. I've read it is on the Dome Plateau trail. Do you do an out and back on that trail?
  9. Atlanta dealers

    Mall of Ga and Gwinnett place are owned by the same company so I would assume similar styles etc.
  10. AR | STIRRUP OEM Rail Fitment, Billet Aluminum Side Step - Brongo6G Exclusive Part

    Wow didn't think I could be more excited but here we are. Fantastic job imo.
  11. AR | STIRRUP OEM Rail Fitment, Billet Aluminum Side Step - Brongo6G Exclusive Part

    F'N SEND IT!!!! So excited about these and can't wait to get the BYOD rail.
  12. Rough shifting in 4L

    Sounds awesome, and yea my control arms mounts are already beat up a little bit. I will reach out when I plan my trip up.
  13. DREWR13

    Georgia Bronco

    IMO anyone making large promises and assumptions about production numbers etc is guessing right now. The lack of information we are getting from Ford about allocations and builds at my store is comically bad. No we aren't the biggest store and didn't get a ton of reservations but still. No one...
  14. Rough shifting in 4L

    Just caught this part. I have been looking into going to Windrock. Other than these issues how did it handle it? I did Beasley Knob OHV in N GA this past weekend and had a blast.
  15. Rough shifting in 4L

    Watched a jeep wheeling with a looked terrible and zero fun. I cruised right up and over with my slushbox.
  16. Rough shifting in 4L

    Yea it probably is in my case. I Like the above comment about some heavy machinery very accurate.
  17. Rough shifting in 4L

    The lurching in 4L has definitely happened in mine. At one point I had to basically stand on my brakes to stop the vehicle from crawling forward. I assumed it was just a really low gear lol. I will have to pay attention next time I'm on a trail as I did get some of the same issues you are saying...
  18. DREWR13

    Georgia Bronco

    I will say first month production is Dec. Which is not a full month and has a holiday in it. The following months should have more production.
  19. DREWR13

    Georgia Bronco

    We don't have much information yet about yearly allocation. I believe our first run was 4 for my store
  20. DREWR13

    Georgia Bronco

    @Gene Dios No they were awesome to work with. Way better than the airlines lol.