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  1. Anyone put -12 offsets on a SAS?

    Any information on rub or poke (no pun intended) would be very welcomed. The Micky Thompson classic III"s (17x9) have this offset and I just can't stop thinking how much I like those for the Bronco.
  2. Mickey Thompson Classic iii wheels?

    Somebody who knows for sure will chime in I'm sure. Honestly I think I will be so happy to get this damn thing, I won't even care about all of this and might very possibly keep it stock for a long time, lol.
  3. Mickey Thompson Classic iii wheels?

    So, BRKOBILLY2 or anyone else. Hopefully you can help. Will they fit site says this for your mock up. Poke Old 42.6mm New 100.7mm Isn't that equal to 2.2 inches poke? Or is that total poke, not just one side so you halve the total poke? I'm actually getting base sasquatch so those 17's with...
  4. Mickey Thompson Classic iii wheels?

    I like them and thanks for sharing. I would say they are #2 on my list but I just won't compromise. Love the MT's. I think the would look perfect on AMB 2 door. Not sure what the plan is now that AMB is not a choice for 22. I think we might be surprised about being able to get 21 colors for a...
  5. Mickey Thompson Classic iii wheels?

    Right, I found that on this forum and pretty much all of my knowledge came from reading and even more so messing around with this "willtheyfit". What a great site. I guess that is how I know they will give the poke that I don't want. I do think many manufacturers will be making +55 and +30...
  6. Mickey Thompson Classic iii wheels?

    Definitely been drooling over that Area 51, especially the MT3's for a good while now. I have acquired some knowledge but would really appreciate any help in understanding how these would work. After one write up of tire poke causing water, rocks etc. from a modification I think I will avoid...
  7. Ha Ha Ha. First Thread. VW Dealer St. Louis has new Bronco for sale.

    I drove by Dick Dean VW in Kirkwood Mo. today. Saw a Ford Bronco out of the corner of my eye. They are THE sleaziest dealer I have ever encountered (just my subjective opinion there). I won't go into details about it. I have never bought a car from them and never would but I have talked to them...
  8. Blue-Gate. Antimatter Blue-Gate.

  9. Eruption Green & Hot Pepper Red Metallic coming for 2022 Bronco. Antimatter Blue, Lightning Blue and Rapid Red Going Away

    I really just can't understand this. I have an AMB base reserved. I just don't see why they would take a reservation and not continue to build the colors that are already reserved no matter how long it takes. I mean are they trying to attract new buyers for a product that is already this back...
  10. **Pics Up** New tires and wheels have arrived!!!

    Can't wait to see the Pics! LT265/65r17?
  11. Finally seen my bronco.

    Congratulations! Are you going to keep the wheels or do you think you will replace with bigger wheels/tires? Looks awesome!
  12. Review: I drove a manual at the Off-Roadeo

    Now that is a great review. I thought for sure I was going to get the manual but over the months of waiting I have decided to also go with the auto. My realization came while test driving a jeep with a manual transmission. I have shorter legs and I had to sit too close to the steering wheel for...
  13. This Hood Cowl Decal is what I'm looking forward to

    I'm thinking about this for my antimatter blue. I think it will look good whether we are seeing the Bronco as black or sparkly blue. I will only do it if they are somewhat easy to remove as I like to keep things simple and see me changing my mind if it looks like I'm trying too hard, lol. I'm...
  14. "Bronco Raptor" may be production name for "Warthog" model

    I could never hear the name without the image of "warthog from hell" popping into my mind. Not in a bad way either.
  15. The Beer thread.

    Best thread yet, lol. I hate to admit this but I couldn't agree more. I spent 30 years drinking cheap beer and every time I tried an IPA I would spit it out and say why would any one drink something that tasted like this. Then 5 or six years ago I finally started appreciating the taste and now I...
  16. Official MPG figures: 2021 Bronco 2.3L and 2.7L fuel economy

    I thought this was a pretty interesting perspective from Right or wrong it helps me rationalize and justify getting a basesquatch over a base base. What is the MPG Illusion? Test your understanding of fuel efficiency with...
  17. 2022 Bronco Colors Online - no Green (yet)

    They have to keep AMB for us my22 reservation holders. I have had a lot of patience with this whole process but that would be absolutely cruel to have us dreaming about our build this long and then through no fault of our own not give us a color option of our choice. I can't express how unfair I...
  18. Flimsy doors and other observations

    The yellow two door at the St. Louis auto show had a sagging passenger door that I noticed. The driver side was left open while on display so I could not tell if it sagged too.
  19. Likelihood of new colors for 2022 Bronco?

    I saw this green in person yesterday. It was quite striking. I think it would be a good match for the Bronco. The pic doesn't do it justice.