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  1. Anybody else show $0 on their reservation amount after switching dealers?

    Seems odd Ford would refund your deposit for switching dealerships. I'm not sure of the logic behind that decision.
  2. Availability / Timing of Painted Roof (be it black, white or matching)?

    Friends don't let friends (or internet strangers) Plasti Dip.
  3. Mullinax Auto Group pricing decision: X Plan pricing with PIN

    Yep. I've been bit by the particular snake more than once!
  4. Mullinax Auto Group pricing decision: X Plan pricing with PIN

    Right on. Well if all goes according to plan, you'll get my business. Not too far if a drive, all things considered, to avoid the bull shit of massive markups. I'll just pile the family in the minivan and tell them we're going to Disney. They won't mind, right!?
  5. Mullinax Auto Group pricing decision: X Plan pricing with PIN

    This is good news, excellently timed as well! Because it looks like I'll be moving to Tampa in a few months, and I was just wondering what to do about dealerships. Is the Kissimee store the closest Mullinax to Tampa? Google wasn't as forthcoming as I'd prefer.
  6. Sell my Jeep and Porsche for Bronco cash

    Listen, with this extra deposit looming, and with the secretive build and price further delayed, I gotta' generate some cash. So, you know, I'll have to let go of my beloved Turbo S and Rubicon. It's hard to let go, but if I want that winch I'll never use, a lift I don't need, and a daily...
  7. Just as a bit of advice to everyone on here, don't bankrupt yourself trying to get a Bronco

    You're saying we arent supposed to go bankrupt? Wow. Thanks. I better call Mr. Gates and cancel our private jet hang-out sessions. He's gonna' be so cranky.
  8. 90% sure I'll be trading this in for a 3rd-4th year run.

    I'd maybe consider a short team lease to trade for the Raptor/Warthog/Performance-Hybrid-Thingy. So far, though, I'm in this for the long haul.
  9. Waiting to make dealer switch

    To clarify, I'm not suggesting the dealerships will fail, but the logistics of Ford getting alllll the specific Broncos to one dealer, at a speed people expect, might be an issue. So those folks with all their eggs in the massive basket may see a lot of people getting Broncos before they do.
  10. Waiting to make dealer switch

    This is my concern as well, although you have actual real world experiential to back up your thoughts. Me? I'm just guessing, but I think these dealers offering deals and getting a ton of people to pick them are gonna have a lot of people with unrealistic expectations pitching a fit come...
  11. Bronco vs. Wrangler: Who cares?

    Right on. That's always how I've been. I bought a Camaro back in the day, and I was immediately supposed to be at war with Mustang owners. WTF? I like. I like them ALL. If you like it, so do I. Way too much arguing and nonsense in the world. It's WAY more fun to just like stuff. I almost bought...
  12. Hard Top Panels Onboard Storage

    So strap the roof to the roof? I'll admit, I had not considered that as an option . . .
  13. Reaction Score

    Something tells me you've yelled at kids for being on your lawn at least once.
  14. Official Grill (Cooking Outside) Thread!

    I had that exact Traeger. When it worked, it was awesome, buuuut it didnt work well at all. It was very inconsistent and annoying. Also a PAIN to transport. Big, heavy, bulky, and dirty. A great idea in theory, but in practice it wasnt so great. Unlike last nights' ribs, which were fantastic!
  15. The Food Thread

    This may also be of interest:
  16. What to do with the ugly gray hard top???

    I've had a graying top since I was 17. 23 years later, and I'm not as anti gray top as I once was. Plus, the ladies love a confident, gray top man.
  17. "Build Your Bronco - Adventure Packages" Lets Talk Aftermarket Adventure Accessories.

    What!? No antiquing package!? Mike Levine and the ghost of Henry Ford better right this egregious wrong I'm starting a petition.
  18. Looks like a 4" lift for 2021 Bronco is in the works! By Stage 3 Motorsports

    I've been telling my wife the same thing for years. #dadjokes
  19. Is the BRONCO magic real and lasting or will Ford destroy it?

    I think enthusiasts consistently over-estimate their relevance to automakers. We complain the most. We often wait for the used market. Big companies chase the average consumers, not us wild obsessives debating trim levels and tire choices. Ford knows what they've done here, but what they've...
  20. Feedback on new emojis

    If only we had those thingies . . . crap. What are they called? Oh, yeah. Words. Use your words.