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  1. 10 New Factory Broncos courtesy of The Stig???

    I'd give a $100 for a real picture of a Velocity Blue 4 door Sasquatch. All I want for Christmas.
  2. Cyber Orange Badlands with White Top (Render)

    You pick that color you gotta live with it everyday, no thanks.
  3. Black Diamond 4-Door Bronco in Area 51 + Soft Top Spotted in Allen Park

    You're right, looks horrible. They only look good with the Sasquatch. Just the same way that all Jeeps look bad, except for the Rubicons. No way I'm buying one without the Sasquatch package.
  4. DFW Area - Ford Dealership recommendations

    Hello to the only other Arlington member lol. Go to Don Davis, my buddy and I are buying our Broncos there. I have purchased over 10 Fords from there. Ask for Larry Hinton and tell him Mr. Godfrey sent you.
  5. Photos: Rapid Red Black Diamond 2dr Sasquatch In the woods

    Wow bud, I get compliments on my truck daily. It’s a pretty color, but I do keep my truck spotless every day. I’m not sure I want it on my Bronco, but its a possibility. Definitely not the worst color.
  6. Photos: Rapid Red Black Diamond 2dr Sasquatch In the woods

    Right, it looks really good on my 2020 F250
  7. Our latest simulated Bronco Sasquatch in production colors & white tops / fenders

    I got it on my 2020 F250, but just don’t think it will look good on the Bronco, I need something flashy like velocity blue.
  8. Texas Members Roll Call

    Arlington, TX
  9. Will the Bronco be your toy? if so share a picture of your daily driver

    My 2020 F-250 is my daily,velocity blue Bronco will be weekend toy.
  10. Who's bought a vehicle sight unseen before?

    March 19, 2015 when I took delivery of my Hellcat Charger. Was one of the first delivered to DFW.
  11. Our latest simulated Bronco Sasquatch in production colors & white tops / fenders

    Well I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be velocity blue for me, I saw it today on a Tremor F250 and it looked sick.
  12. Why did you get a Bronco?

    I’ve had three Jeeps, just simply because I have three kids and they love riding with the doors and top off. Im a Ford guy, so buying a Bronco is a no brainer. Want to drive up to the mountains in Colorado and ride some trails. I can’t wait to get one.
  13. 2 Door Bronco Sasquatch vs F-150 size comparison side-by-side look

    Nice color. I just got me a 2020 F250, love it.
  14. Hesitant to Order Before Test Drive?

    Can I get power seats in the Big Bend? Which package do I need to get? I just can’t get comfortable unless I can adjust the seats.
  15. Video: 2021 Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Crawling Back-to-Back at Moab

    Im in a Jeep club and there is so much butt hurt over the Bronco. So many people upset they no longer are the ones that get to drive around doorless in a better looking suv.
  16. Velocity Blue Metallic thread

    I want this so bad
  17. [Official] 150K Bronco Reservations Received Already

    I placed an order on the 27th, does that pretty much guarantee that it’ll be late 2022 before I get it?
  18. Texas volume order start up thread: survey link now included!

    I have one reserved at Grand Prairie Ford, and was told no dealer mark up.