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  1. Vegas Roadeo - how to get to location?

    Nothing since first registration email.
  2. Vegas Roadeo - how to get to location?

    Might see you there, going on the 3rd as well. Got my SEMA badge last week so that's the plan for Tuesday and Thursday.
  3. why are we blaming Ford and not the dealers?

    Some issues on here I'd like to comment on. It's been being said that this is to hurt the small dealer, and this isn't true. Allocation is normally done this way and yes, big dealers will get more, but they sell more and sell more units that aren't hard to get. If a vehicle has history, Ford...
  4. 📊 2022 Bronco Allocations Formula Per Dealer

    Not reading through 12 pages of complaints, but I haven't gotten official word of this from Ford yet, at this weeks meeting they said details would come next week, but I believe this formula to be correct. This is also what we were told last fall, when Bronco Sport wasn't thought to be the...
  5. Finally a Front license plate solution - order yours today

    Got my plates so finally put it on. Fits great.
  6. Buying hardtop after delivery

    I still suspect $3k might be too low. The recall parts came out and the cost for the 4 door insulated top and 2 side windows is over $4k dealer cost, I'd guess with a back window you'd be over 5k. Parts pricing is always speculation as logic and common sense isn't part of it, I've seen left...
  7. Soft Top Owners, How Are You Liking It?

    I was originally a hardtop order, then switched to get it this year. I've got about 500 miles on my Softtop and have driven our 2 door Mannequin quite a bit so I've been in both (both Sasquatch). I don't have a lot of concern about heat, heaters are good enough that won't be an issue. For...
  8. How Should Ford Handle Discounted Accessory Hard Tops?

    Recall parts just came out, They're sending it out as top, right glass, left glass so have to order 3 parts and reuse the back glass. Dealer cost on a 4 door (with headliner and tinted glass) for these three parts is over $4k so I'm not holding out much hope for affordable add on hardtops from...
  9. Cargo Area Enclosure with Raised Lid / Tonneau Cover - Install and Review

    Locks disable the door switches when you lock the Bronco so its still secure withe the top down.
  10. MIC 2 0 Hard Top constraint on 2022s Yes or No?

    I'd guess it will be what 21 was supposed to be. MIC will be a constraint, but not a non-availability. I think it was predicted to be 80% production and 95% demand before scheduling started, so that's roughly what I expect for 22 startup. Perhaps demand will drop slightly as many have...
  11. Cargo Area Enclosure with Raised Lid / Tonneau Cover - Install and Review

    Does the top panel mount to the sides or the front? If it mounts to the sides, do you think it would be sturdy enough with the front left out so it could remain a pass through? I don't really need the complete security it offers, but I don't like the straps on the Ford vinyl tonneau cover...
  12. Last 2021 VIN when?

    I think next Thursday is last day of 21 scheduling. That's pending no computer issues, seems like we skip weeks all the time this year.
  13. Any Dash-cam suggestions for Bronco? Can I use Bronco camera as Dash-cam?

    I've got the U1000 in my Mustang and really like it, I think its the best of the 4k dash cams. Only issue is the shape. It works fine in my Mustang, but I didn't like it in my wife's Explorer since the box around the mirror for the collision assist/rain sensor/etc makes it hard to fit. We run...
  14. Radar Detector Mirror mount and mirror tap

    It's not out yet, but Uniden is coming out with an R9 remote mount version of the R7. I've been waiting for Radenso Theia for a couple of years, but might go with an R9 so I can leave it in with the top off.
  15. 🦖 Bronco Raptor Officially Confirmed and Teased by Ford!

    Confirms what we already knew, but the 3 lights in the grill tell me its overwidth just like F150 Raptor, so likely not going to be for me. As to switching, I expect these will be another allocation within Bronco, and only a few made in SVT tradition, so I don't think you'll switch, they'll be...
  16. MIC 1.0 POPs and Clicks

    Yes, seems to be common. Our mannequin unit made no noise when it came in, now a couple months later it clicks and pops like crazy.
  17. 🛠 9/6 Build Week Group

    9/7 Blend date, 9/8 actual build, Rail to Twin Cities, arrived 9/15, delivered to dealer 9/20!
  18. Dealer Markups Are Getting Some Press

    Not going to defend or prosecute the ADM's, but thought I'd through this out there for thought, there's a third party keeping the ADMs going, they're called locators. They call dealers and try to buy they're new inventory to sell to another new dealer. In the past it was more of a if you'll...
  19. How Should Ford Handle Discounted Accessory Hard Tops?

    Since you'd end up with dual tops, I'd expect to pay the same as the dual top option. on a Jeep thats $2500, so that would be my guess. That said, if it is $2500 or less, I expect it to be for a short time or only for customers with a VIN as once it goes to regular parts, I expect it to be...