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  1. 35's with non-squatched 2.3?

    I'm about to get a big bend. 7MT. Stock rims. What size 34 or 35" tires can you do with the OEM flares to not have any poke? Also should I go with 1" or 2" lift kit?
  2. Pennsylvania WTT Big Bend grille for any other type

    This may work. Keep me posted. About 100 miles away.
  3. 2022 Big Bend - My Build, Your Opinions

    I placed another order in because of this. Base sasquatch took off the manual and added the 2.7. If I'm paying $1500 more for a manual sasquatch might as well pay $300more and get the bigger engine and forfeit the manual. Bumper and auxiliary switches. If I don't love the big bend with the...
  4. 🛠 11/1 Build Week Group

    Last five of the outer bank VIN was 67350 I talked to my dealership today. The sticker is just an error. Your vehicle order is right.
  5. 🛠 11/1 Build Week Group

    I got a random Outer Banks window sticker. The wrong trim and also shows the wrong VIN number. A little bummed out. Production date was Nov 2nd.
  6. Broncos of Pennsylvania

    Hey neighbor, not necessary. They may have zero allocation for the first round of scheduling. Dealer don't get allocation numbers for the whole year, it's sort of like month to month or quarterly. If they have none for the whole year, I can't imagine them staying in business for much longer.
  7. MY22 Sasquatch Transmission Poll

    Yep, I said screw it on the manual after the ghost cost on it. I even dropped trims to the base 2.7 and saved even more money in the MY2022 build. I was all in on the manual transmission sasquatch until you still pretty much pay for the automatic transmission to do it. For that cost, I could...
  8. Pennsylvania WTT Big Bend grille for any other type

    Nov 2. build date. Will be located in NEPA. Wife hates the Big Bend grille. Willing to trade for any other grille. Happy wife, happy life.
  9. Revealed: Custom Build Broncos to Debut at SEMA 2021

    Hopefully you can get it with the manual transmission, my guess would be probably not.
  10. Updated: Resolved!! So, my bronco arrived and the dealer tried marking it up $10K ADM

    $1,700 is dealer and titling fees,, frick that. I'm at less than $500 for both. That's a screwing before the up charge on MSRP
  11. My First Edition Bronco Finally Arrived....DAMAGED! 😤

    These usually get fixed after they are unloaded in the train yard. Before the trucks pick them up for the dealerships. Problem with this is the PR event as they watch the deliveries. You can't imagine how many brand new cars are damaged before they're sold. From train or truck this stuff...
  12. My First Edition Bronco Finally Arrived....DAMAGED! 😤

    Vehicles are damaged all the time in shipping. Most are fixed as they leave the train yard. Inexperienced car haulers damage the other ones Fix it and forget about it. It's a FE. Enjoy or sell it
  13. Is a class action lawsuit in order?

    Any lawyers or law professionals in the forum? I understand no customers have technically been hurt from this at the moment and Ford is sort of building vehicles that could be build first. Customers are extending leases, buying alternatives vehicles, and doing others logistical stuff to get...
  14. Where will the Bronco be in 10 years?

    Dead thread but too funny to pass up. In 10 years, Bronco will be in a class action lawsuit, because reservation holders had to wait over 5 years to get a Bronco that should've been delivered based off of a time stamp and not dealership ridiculous allocation system.
  15. Article: Bronco reservations could be delayed for years.

    I hope every media outlet picks this up. Reservation list should be in order as long as parts are available. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Dealer allotment shouldn't matter. These small dealerships build the brand up by working with the customers. All these dealerships busted their butts to help the...
  16. The insanity of the manual trans Sasquatch pricing

    Get your pricing from the price list, the price and build is always wrong or isn't always accurate.
  17. 👨🏻‍💻 2022 Build & Price Is Up!

    FYI there's some errors in the price and build again. Such as packages on the trims and pricing not being added to total MSRP. Also I price out my Big Bend 4door ManSasquatch (wife is against MGV or leather on this vehicle) With my discount from the dealer I'm at $43,974 with my optioned out...
  18. Do you regret your color choice?

    Reservation was orange, then white, then to Carbonized gray, back to orange, to gray, then to white. Have white coming on a Big Bend and the grill is what screws me up on it. I debated more on the color looking good with the grille than anything. Now thinking Race Red is awesome. And...
  19. Base Model Bronco Thread

    Thank you, I get to test a manual big bend out in November. Most are saying the shifter is great, but the clutch is Meh, not too great. If we go Manual transmission Sasquatch, I don't know what trim it would be. If we go V6, I think it will be a Base Trim, sasquatch. Knowing that the Soft...
  20. Base Model Bronco Thread

    I'm sorry for asking this. I think the Base Bronco for 2022 with SAS and a manual transmission is going to be awesome. Window tint, soft top panels. Are the base trims soft top window panels tinted or clear? Some pictures looked dark other look clear. This is one of the items that hold me...