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  1. BroncoRick

    More Jeep people thinking about getting the Bronco?

    If it were up to me I'd have one of each. I like them all. Keep my old JK, build it up more for the hardcore trails. Get a Gladiator and build it for long distance overlanding and camping. And have a Bronco for everything in between, and because I like it. I hope there is room for all of...
  2. BroncoRick

    Ford Patents “G.O.A.T.” Dynamic Suspension System (Including “Daredevil” Mode) for 2021 Bronco

    There is a way to try and split the difference between independent suspension and solid axle. Chrysler/Jeep tried this back in the 90's with an independent design that would also move the differential centersection as the suspension articulated:
  3. BroncoRick

    Let's talk winches for the Bronco

    Zeons are 20 pounds heavier apples to apples (both winches using synth) when compared to Warn's older style non-integrated control pack winches like the M8000 or xd9000. Which means with a Zeon, you're basically giving up the weight savings gain acquired from using synthetic line. Different...
  4. BroncoRick

    Let's overanalyze the mule undercarriage

    The receiver is very similar to a Jeep JK and JL. Infact looks exactly alike. It is bolted to the rear frame crossmember, and as such is removable--and similarly you'll be able to add it if yours didnt' come with it. This also makes adding high-clearance rear bumpers easier. The bottom plate...
  5. BroncoRick

    Let's overanalyze the mule undercarriage

    Agree, I was looking for the drain as well but it is not visible in the photo. Hopefully it's there somewhere. On the Jeep JL front axle they very stupidly put it directly on the bottom of the centersection housing where it gets mangled and worked loose when it hits stuff offroad. The JK...
  6. BroncoRick

    Let's overanalyze the mule undercarriage

    Yep, pinion flange with the driveshaft bolted to it, very similar to JK/JL driveshafts, and a number of other vehicles.
  7. BroncoRick

    Let's overanalyze the mule undercarriage

    You're right! The Ranger Raptor does have rear coilovers; the link setup is a bit different due to the Ranger's diff cover link setup. But this would lend more info towards the Bronco having a rear coilover as the redesigned Ranger is supposed to share some things with the Bronco, right? I...
  8. BroncoRick

    Let's overanalyze the mule undercarriage

    Wow, that pic is very telling. There's no coil spring perches on that rear axle at all. On a Jeep JK or JL the spring perches are inboard of the frame, and between the control arm mounts/ shock mounts, and the differential centersection. In this photo, there is nothing... no rear coil...
  9. BroncoRick

    Let's overanalyze the mule undercarriage

    Not sure if this has been done to death yet here on the forums, but I watched the Ford video here: ...and there were a few very interesting shots of the underside. I see some things that are interesting and some that are curious. First we see something which is very familiar to the Jeep...
  10. BroncoRick

    The Fender Situation....

    I actually quite like the fender flares. The unpainted ones, of course. They kind of remind me of old Dodge Power Wagon flares and the unpainted ones will be good for keeping the sheetmetal and paint out of the rocks and trees.
  11. BroncoRick

    Bronco Camping Accessories

    Hope to see some roof rack accessories for storing camp gear up on that hardtop roof rack. Also hoping that they'll do a good job of adding power receptacles and power management stuff for the rear cargo area (for the Dometic, of course!). One of the first aftermarket accessories I'd like to...
  12. BroncoRick

    What will your Bronco be towing?

    For me, a '14 Manley ORV Original which is basically an m416-style trailer. I had this one built with an extendable tongue coupler for being able to pull my boats. It also was one of the first Manleys to come with a Dexter Torflex axle. I expect to use this in the same way I did before...
  13. BroncoRick

    What recovery gear are you bringing over from your prior 4x4, and what will you add to it?

    For me I will be bringing over: - Warn xd9000 with ~80' synth line - 50' Warn spydura winchline extension - 1 set Maxtrax - 2 pulley blocks - a bunch of shackles - ARB snatch strap - ARB tree saver - Warn tree saver - 2 additional tow straps - 2 ARB winchline dampers - Pull-Pal 11k - Grade 70...
  14. BroncoRick

    Let's talk winches for the Bronco

    My Warn xd9000 with synth line would be coming off of my JK. From the looks of the leaked shots of the heavy duty bumper, low-profile winches that don't integrate the solenoid look like they should fit within the bumper just fine. It will be interesting to see how well the front suspension...