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  1. New 32 spline Dana 44 Front Drive Unit and axle upgrade will be available from Dana Spicer for bigger tires

    I wouldnt do it. I have had bind with just different brand or wear of tires before. Maybe it will last a month or years depending on use, but one day it will fail. And the person will be lucky if it isnt a cracked transfer case or diff housing. Personally I have always wanted to match gears for...
  2. Goose gear 2-door "stealth sleep" seat delete

    Yeah Im not exactly excited about how much smaller the inside of either bronco is compared to my full size 96. Especially considering they share the same exact footprint(4dr). But thats the trade off for having a tires stick out to protect the body.
  3. Goose gear 2-door "stealth sleep" seat delete

    How short are the people who called this a sleep package? For real thats like 4 feet. The 4 door isnt even long enough to stretch out sleeping for most people. What we really need is a swing out tire carrier and a tailgate with a extension and tent enclosure.
  4. V-8's Regulated Out of Existence by 2023 for some brands

    We have alot of very smart engineers in the workforce these days. Tell me if Ford designed a Ecoboost/hybrid 3.6 liter V8(based on 2.7 V6) that made 415hp/530tq would yall be happy. If it pulled 25mpg avg that would be pretty sweet. I mean its not like all these motors are in anyway as much fun...
  5. Bronco suspension lift - lift kits vs spacer lifts?

    Travel range is the difference between spacers and longer coilovers. Also the longer coilovers have larger volume which reduces heat, and resists fatigue. However travel is aslo limited by control arms(hence the name control) aswell as CV axles in the IFS(front) and driveshaft (rear). However at...
  6. Mall crawlers Do Not Attempt!

    Its rubber. Sure its mixed and formulated, but at the end of the day its mostly rubber. Also it appears to be a popular trail which means its full of rubber tracks and probably much worse. I dont really care for rock crawling, Im sure its fun for a bit. But without a constantly evolving mud hole...
  7. New $5K Bronco roof option

    I like it if the glass is indeed tintable and light rim color changing. Cool concept. I cant spend 5k on it especially if they use your top as a core. I would prefer to have multiple tops for different reasons. Maybe down the road once it is down to just a core charge 5k total might be more...
  8. Can manual transmission shift knob be unscrewed and replaced with aftermarket?

    Sawzall and a stick welder can get you anything.
  9. 2.3 Liter Sasquatch vs Non Sasquatch?!?!?!

    Havent driven any of them, but ive heard that the badlands 2.3 may be the best performance given its 4.7 gears and smaller tires.
  10. 2022 Bronco Raptor makes most revealing public appearance yet

    Please for the love of everything that is holy, Ford Performance must sell a $10,000 raptor suspension and axle kit that I can install on a tuned and turbo swapped 2.3 MT Base or BD. That stance is perfect. I just dont want any changes to the body, flares, lights, or interior. But lockers...
  11. All-New Ford RANGER Revealed! New Bronco Competition From Within Ford

    Looks good-ish. I like the back end, the front is just ok. The dash is really nice except for that horrific sideways mounted tv they insist on putting in everything. Why cant I just save 5 grand and put in a sony Xplod radio from walmart? I swear one day I will wipe my ass and see a touchscreen...
  12. Big Bend 👣 Middleton Motorsports Sasquatch Conversion 👣 | Painted Grill, Analog HD Wheels, 2" Lift

    Looks great, but its not squatch without the gears and lockers. That is the main point of squatch.
  13. My Bronco sucks off-road! Terrible rock chips after 80 miles on county dirt roads.

    Go get super swampers, they only pick up boulders. As for those other vehicles, take them anywhere other than a gravel road and you will drag sheet metal across trees, rocks, and everything else. Also all real offroaders know that the solution to rocks getting thrown up is in the garden section...
  14. Ford trying to end my marriage with no memory drivers seat

    If she is messing with the controls you have already lost her and the bronco in the settlement. All you you have left is allemoney and a Plenty of Fish account with an old pre gut profile pic.
  15. Thoughts on my intended lift/tire/wheel combo?

    If you are fine with the tire size I think that is perfect. I like 16 with a 32-33. Really i am happy to never go over 16 unless its a big rig or tires are above 44s. Big wheels make a poor ride that requires more expensive shocks. Not to mention shock loads on joints that would otherwise be...
  16. This is just not right. Lowered (Bagged) Bronco

    I have dreamed of an adjustable supsension for years. However I just dont see how this can safely do it. It says it keeps the bilsteins, but how is that considering its a coil over setup? Also with air springs the the spring rate is lowered with air pressure. So when lowered( a position desired...
  17. Off-roading, actually running mud, with factory SAS, Goodyear Territory tires?

    Anything with tread and bias ply construction is tough to beat offroad. Eventually swampers guys do downgrade to ATs. Bald swampers are as good as brand new ATs. :ROFLMAO:
  18. BA Mounts releasing mount for Bronco

    I want old school police spotlights. I dont care if I have to reach out the windows to aim em. But thats what I want. Also what are these in dash touch tvs for anyways if we cant pull up the front camera and touch where we want the light to point on em. Forget adaptive cruise butt wipers, and...
  19. Off-roading, actually running mud, with factory SAS, Goodyear Territory tires?

    Just seeing pics of people with some stuff on their tires. I expect them to be better than almost all ATs but doubt they will do better than any MTs. Except maybe some lower grade import types like Linglong or other ebay rubber. I do expect them to be high on puncture resistance and such...