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  1. 3,600 miles - Should the front axles have this kind of rust already?

    I’ve been on dirt mtn for 4+months. Wondering how much rust I’ll see before I even drive off the lot?
  2. Auto Stop / Start stopped working

    You mentioned wiring lights recently. I’ve had auto start/stop quit working on two different vehicles in the past. Both times It was due to low voltage/bad battery. Auto start requires a minimum voltage in order to guarantee it can fire up the alternator. I had to get a new battery and all was...
  3. For the 2-door people that have either already received and/or scheduled their Bronco for delivery, what was your reservation date?

    Specs are the same for both: 2dr Badlands 2.7 SAS and LUX pkgs I ordered the MY22 on 10/27; just barely made the cutoff for initial MY22 scheduling and was surprised to see it was slottted for the first build week 12/13
  4. For the 2-door people that have either already received and/or scheduled their Bronco for delivery, what was your reservation date?

    7/13 reservation 1/20 order … still on dirt mountain, email from Ford estimates they’ll replace roof in Nov or Dec. not heard anything. meanwhile, my MY22 2dr is scheduled to be built week of 12/13 it’s starting to look like I’ll receive the MY22 before the MY21. I don’t know why I’d keep...
  5. Mcfly

    Mullinax Kissimmee Res holders

    I’m a 12/13 build week as well. I’ve certainly read quite a few users that received within 2 weeks…Christmas would be great!
  6. Mcfly

    Mullinax Kissimmee Res holders

    I have a pricing agreement now, countersigned by sales mgr, on the DORA itself, agreeing to MSRP before rebates. All is well now.
  7. How to get a "signed purchase agreement" as suggested by Ford

    Do you have a link to the above checklist? Appreciate it. I want to send to my dealer.
  8. Mcfly

    Mullinax Kissimmee Res holders

    Anyone have a link to Fords statement that all MY22 Reservations converted to orders requires a signed purchase agreement? Mullinax of Kissimmee states they cannot do this. I know I’ve read it several times in our forums. I have no doubt Mullinax will honor MSRP, however, with all we’ve read...
  9. Finally! Bronco Delivered!!

    looks incredible- just really pops as a 2 dr in that color.
  10. Combat Green Textured Wrap Bronco

    I’ve been flirting with wrapping the rollbar in white on my 2dr A51 (if I ever get it). Thanks for sharing your photos.
  11. 2022 Bronco Order Guide Comes Out 10/8

    Ditch the fridge magnets, the trims, bring on more ala carte!
  12. Recall Advanced Notice: 2021 Bronco Front Passenger Air Bag Replacement (Demo / Delivery Hold)

    How are you determining if your VIN is flagged or not? Are you using the “Ford Recall Check” site below? my blend date was 8/11., but the Ford recall check site is indicating my VIN is clean - no recalls.
  13. How extreme are you?

    The “break” in “make or break” on that trail looks to go well beyond what may happen to your vehicle - you all are nuts!
  14. Mcfly

    Mullinax Kissimmee Res holders

    Exciting news! Congratulations and very glad to hear the positive feedback on Mullinax.
  15. Any 2022 info before Thursday?

    My dealer also confirmed you can switch from 2dr to 4 dr and vice versa on those previous 99’d orders that they will switch to 10-19 when finalizing.
  16. I’ve only seen one….

    Finally saw one this weekend near Orlando Fl, Carb Grey 4 dr Soft Top- couldn’t make out the model as it was flying down the interstate. I was thinking “Probably a dealer demo” as I swear nobody actually owns one in Fll yet.
  17. Percentage of users that really need Badlands? (edit correction)

    I’m in Florida and there’s not a hill a skateboard couldn’t easily rollover… so yeah, my BL is overkill. pretty confident this “onewheel” can conquer all terrain within 250 square miles of central Florida
  18. Ford begins sending Hardtop Replacement emails to Bronco customers today

    8/13 blend Nov MIC replacement Looking like a Dec delivery. When does MY22 Production start?
  19. Preparing to get screwed

    A lot of dealers submitted the “99 order to Ford; the reservation was therefore converted. Once converted, I’ve read you can no longer switch dealers. I hope that’s not true. As to why dealers converted 99 orders , I think it helped with their overall allocation. At least that’s what my...
  20. We Are Fifteen52 Wheels

    @fifteen52 - have you received the white analog wheels? Was hoping to see a pic on the Bronco. I checked your website and it still states you’re expecting them mid Aug - a month ago. Thanks!