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  1. Today, 5/28, Ford email will be sent to all unscheduled order holders

    There's this nice Ranger Tremor that keeps staring at me too lol! I have 5k on my BS BL and it's been flawless. Love it!
  2. Today, 5/28, Ford email will be sent to all unscheduled order holders

    Trying to remain positive but Friday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend? Not 9 am but 2 pm when everyone is already starting their first big weekend of the summer? If they can't give us a reasonable build/delivery date tomorrow, then they really have no idea and that's not good. We shall see...
  3. 📸: MAP Display Showing Bronco 4-Door Shadow Black Wildtrak

    Looks sweet! Black always looks good! Don't know why everyone thinks it has to be all shiny clean to look good. I know my older black Escape always looked good even when dirty.
  4. 2 Broncos spotted in Lincoln, RI this morning. Size comparison to F-150 Raptor

    Thanks for sharing! Coming from the Raptor world, I was actually glad to see even a Sasquatch Bronco look noticeably smaller. Great for the trails. Huge ground clearance but not as wide. Perfect!!
  5. Official MPG figures: 2021 Bronco 2.3L and 2.7L fuel economy

    Whatever! There's no way it'll only get 17 in normal driving unless you drive it like a sports car. Makes zero sense!
  6. Official MPG figures: 2021 Bronco 2.3L and 2.7L fuel economy

    Still think a Badlands Sasquatch can pull at least 20 mpg on normal dirt trails at 30-60 mph. Can't wait to find out. I know my BS Badlands is getting 4 mpg better than the EPA figures the first 5K miles.
  7. NEW HORSEPOWER / TORQUE SPECS for 2021 Bronco 2.3L and 2.7L

    Love it! Combine that with ethanol free premium and you have the best of both worlds! More power and better mpg!
  8. How good OR Bad, will the base Bronco be off-road without Sas and lockers?

    It'll do just fine and hard to beat for the price. It may not have lockers but it does have the 3 GOAT modes, 4L and all the modern tech. Good tires and a good driver with that will be very good. Heck, I have a BS BL and it's pretty darn amazing even without a 4L. So I think you'll be surprised!
  9. The “I didn’t get today’s email” hugging and crying thread

    7/18th timestamp. #2 at my dealer of 4. First one scheduled for 6/6. Mine is suppose to be next but nothing yet. BL 2dr 2.7l High
  10. 4-door 2.7 engine showing 18.9 mpg

    Depends how you drive it. If you get on frequently then yes, it's not very eco. If you drive it to explore and don't feel the need to drive it like a sports car, you'll be surprised. My BS Badlands is just below 27 mpg after 4200 mostly dirt miles. A few 30 mpg tanks even. Getting better since...
  11. 4-door 2.7 engine showing 18.9 mpg

    Ha ha very funny. Love my Bronco Sport Badlands such a fun vehicle. But then I'm averaging almost 27 mpg after 4200 miles and much of that is off-road. Ford really did a great job on the Sport! I have a 'big' Bronco Badlands on order too but the BS Badlands is a blast!
  12. In your mind, Bronco compares to what?

    I'd like to say an EB but knowing what our 68 Bronco has been through and got us through since my dad bought it new, the 2021 has a lot to prove to me yet. You literally can do anything with our 68. Literally impossible to get stuck. You can always back up. Slide off a snowy trail and get back...
  13. Bronco now being displayed on the MAP showcase pedestal

    So will the 2.7l Bronco be number 1 for American/Canadian parts then? The Ranger is currently #1 with 70% and that is with the 2.3l. I remember when I had my full-size Bronco it was #1 but it was over 90%.
  14. Got my VIN Number! Anyone else?

    I hope somehow what you say is true because my order sounds the same as yours and I should also be first at my small dealer!
  15. Bronco v. Bronco sport

    The only people who don't think the Bronco Sport is a 'real' Bronco are the ones who don't have one! I can tell you after 4000 flawless mostly off-road miles, it's deserving of the name. Will it go everywhere the big Bronco goes? Obviously not, but it shines off-road, goes 0-60 in under 6s and...
  16. What big news are we expecting in April

    True! We once had the rear axle break on our 68 Bronco. My dad just tied it up out of the way and we drove home in 'front wheel drive' mode. Not so sure how that will work on our 21, 22, 23 ,24, 25, 26, ...
  17. Bronco Specialist Says 2021 Bronco MPG May Be Comparable to Expedition

    Sounds reasonable. I still got low 20s on my 2016 Expy with an Icon lift and 33s. On my Bronco Sport I'm averaging 2.5 mpg above the epa figures after 3400 miles!
  18. Prediction: What month/year do you think you will get yours?? Based on Reservation date..

    July 18th reserve Dealer only has 5 allocations and thinks my BL will be the first one built based on what I ordered vs the other 4, so maybe one year to the date, Jul 18, 2021!
  19. Fuel economy - What will you be happy with?

    Stock 2dr BL: I'll be happy with and expecting to get 20ish when on regular dirt roads/2-tracks. Not-hard core off-roading but those 30-60 mph open trails. With an extra 5g of gas on hand, that would be over a 400 mile range which is what I always plan on minimum. My Bronco Sport BL gets 27-30...
  20. 3.20 Varsity Ford Dealer Event - Photos, Questions and First Impressions

    Typical ecoboost! It you drive it hard, mileage sucks. Drive it normal or for mileage and you'll he surprised. I still got low 20s on my lifted Expedition with 33s and no front air dam (3.5l). My 2.0 Bronco Sport is getting about 3 mpg better than the epa figures, yet a bunch of guys are...