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  1. Mike Levine saying outright he does NOT care about Granger/Chapman/SAC

    A few years back, I was looking to buy a Raptor. My small dealer back home where I had purchased my current truck tried to get another allocation to get me a Raptor, but they couldn't. He was going to sell it to me for under MSRP. All the local dealers where I currently live who had Raptors on...
  2. Wallpaper for 2DR guys. Car and Driver

    Doesn't show the landing
  3. Splash guards don't fit!!

    That's quite the shame. I'm sure there will be any number of people to take that Bronco off your hands since it wouldn't fit the splash guards.
  4. 4600 class Broncos in Ultra4 Race @ San Felipe this weekend

    Youtube from today's race with some of the action. Sounds like this is the start of his second lap. The finish starts around 2:08:30.
  5. Ford Bronco Website Updated!

    It's all Antimatter Blue now.
  6. Sasquatch with extra lift

    This was the SEMA build with the 4WP lift prior to swapping fender panels and wheels.
  7. Mid Package for 2.3L 7M buyers...

    You can, you just have to get the Badlands trim. Badlands is the only trim where you get the manual with Mid, High, or Lux packages.
  8. Is the WildTrak worth it over the Badlands ? ? ? ?

    All the ride along videos from MOAB and KOH were either Badlands or First Editions that both have the sway bar disconnect, and all showed high speed running in the desert.
  9. Custom Bronco Builds from RTR, ARB and 4 Wheel Parts Showcase Aftermarket Off-Road Parts & Accessories

    Locking front hubs are not the same as a locking front differential. Every Bronco has automatic locking front hubs just for 4wd capabilities. A locking front differential allows power to be distributed to both wheels even when one loses traction. It remains to be seen if these front hubs retain...
  10. Broncos at Barrett Jackson Auction: 2-Door Lightning Blue Bronco + 4-Door Antimatter Blue Bronco

    The Ranger maxes out at 7500lbs when properly configured.
  11. 📷4600 ripping in the desert+added pics!

    Details here:
  12. The great Sasq Mystery: rip-off or reasonable - BL

    Build and price is wrong. Follow the order guide.
  13. Do people actually believe the dealer??

    Yes because I'm buying from a dealer I trust and have bought from before.
  14. Sasquatching my Non-Sasquatch Badlands

    Correct, Sasquatch is required to get the 4.7 gears on the Badlands with the automatic transmission from the factory.
  15. Sasquatching my Non-Sasquatch Badlands

    I would pay less attention to build and price, and just follow what's listed in the Order Guide. For the Automatic on the Badlands, this note appears in the Order Guide under Axle Availability.
  16. Sasquatching my Non-Sasquatch Badlands

    I was going to get the optional wheels, but after debating it, didn't see the need in spending $1K on a set of rims that I'd most likely replace when going to 35s. I am debating getting the stock wheels powder coated a solid color until I decide to add a suspension lift and aftermarket wheels.
  17. BB - advanced 4x4 option

    If you read the notes in the Order Guide for Big Bend, Sasquatch package and 10 speed auto transmission are required additions when the Advanced 4x4 system (E5C, E5D) is selected. The 7 speed MT on the Big Bend is only available with the Part time 4x4 system (E5A, E5B). The 10 speed automatic...