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  1. Rock Sliders by Goat Fabrication

    Who did you go with?
  2. Bronc Buster AKA “broken Bronco” running 40’s on 2” lift

    Can't say I am a fan. The wheels look awkward and I think the huge hood scoop takes away from the classic body lines. But hey, I'm just a dumb guy on the internet. If it make you smile when you walk out to drive it, thats all that matters.
  3. I did the Jeep wave at another Bronco.

    Nah, keep it up. It has been happening to me. Also had some Jeeps wave at me. Not sure if they were confused or just acknowledging we are all about that same kind of lifestyle.
  4. Guess I should have ordered a 3 pedal Bronco

    Gonna be difficult for those of you without a third leg...
  5. Baja Designs A-Pillar Light Kit Giveaway!

    I'll take one contest entrance please
  6. Nice weld!

    So we are getting uppity about welds now? You notice this because this vehicle allows you to remove the roof. Take off the facade of any vehicle and you will see "ugly welds". They just have the benefit of being able to hide them. We are just finding any and everything to be mad about.
  7. Do skis fit in the 4 -door?

    With the seat down, heck yeah.
  8. Christmas Tree transporting with soft top

    Get a cargo basket/tray for the trailer hitch. Strap it to that. Did that with my wranlger, will do it with the bronco.
  9. Merica flag decals

    What steps are those?
  10. Bronco vs Rivian R1T Pics!

    Have a buddy on the Rivian wait list. Could buy two broncos for what he is about to pay. They do give a lot of cool features for that price tag though.
  11. Base Sasquatch Bronco wheeling in SoCal with 1" level kit, 37" KO2 tires, AC Fab Bumper and Sliders

    Just gonna open the video with a murderous rock garden... ok proceed.
  12. 7,000 Miles and Loving Our Bronco

    For the back AC vents, make sure you have the floor vents selected. Its not as good a vents in the center console, but it does get air back there (via under the driver and passenger sea).
  13. Dirt Mountain released WILDTRAK with MIC Top 2.0 -- build date 6/28/21 arrived TODAY!!! 9/29/21

    How many field mouse carcasses came with it... I believe that was a concern among some..
  14. Has anyone purchased/installed the soft tonneau cover?

    Not any different than the whole soft top then is it?
  15. Has anyone purchased/installed the soft tonneau cover?

    I don't think anyone intends the soft tonneau to stop a thief. More to stop things (clothes, trash, etc.) in the back from blowing out while driving with the top off.
  16. Updated: A little Caliper love - painting calipers Cyber Orange

    That looks very nice. Not sure it would translate with my steelies...
  17. ARB Bronco gets facelift before Overland Expo

    Just seems way too bulky.
  18. Ford and SK Innovation are Investing $11.4B to Build Electric Vehicle Facilities in Tennessee and Kentucky

    Pretty smart move with the Battery plant. Bringing the supply chain in house instead of relying on China.