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  1. Bronco Warthog or Heritage Edition? Ford will reveal a never-before-seen Bronco model on Wednesday

    Omg I can’t wait to wait longer for a vehicle that may never show up on time. 😂 I’m done waiting for the Bronco. I think ford should change the way they build up hype. Don’t announce the vehicle until you have them ready to build. All this time waiting just game me time to look for better...
  2. I cancelled my reservation master thread

    So I placed my order late 2020 in November. I was going to place my order sooner but I hated the color and to be honest I thought the trim levels were kinda weak for the price. After looking around I’ve decided I’ll be canceling my order. Basically any trim level I get either the wildtrak or...
  3. ⚙ 2021 Bronco - OEM Factory Rims / Wheels Specs (Sizes, Offsets, Bolt Pattern, Center Bore) ⚙️

    Ok so I can’t find the thread size for the lug nuts anywhere for the bronco or the 2021 ford ranger. Some places have m12x1.5 and some say 1/2-20. Both are similar but not the same. Does anyone know which one it is? Stage 3 motorsports is selling sets of lugnuts for the 2020 ranger and those are...
  4. No contact from dealer yet.

    I just got an email from my dealer. Is there a spy in here somewhere? ?. They say I’ll be contacted soon.
  5. No contact from dealer yet.

    So I’m using Brandon ford as my dealership. I’m guessing they have a ton of reservations but to this point no contact at all. I emailed them a couple days before the order date and they never replied. I placed my order late so I’m not hoping for a 2021 but it’s kinda strange there has been 0...
  6. The 2022 Bronco Club.. What next? Disappoint or Happy?

    I wish I could wait for the 2022 but the longer my dealership waits to contact me the more the Toyota 4Runner trd pro looks better and better. I guarantee no matter what happens with these 2021 orders and then being limited we will see 2021 ford Broncos for sale on dealership lots before the...
  7. Ford confirms a green 2022 Bronco color for MY22! *Not Filson Wildland Fire Rig Green*

    Cactus Grey doesn’t look good on the bronco. It’s just one of the better options from all the color options Ford gave for 2021. Area 51 is ok but not great either. If I was able to order a 2021 I was still undecided for what color I wanted. Cactus grey looks like a feminine color for a hardcore...
  8. Ford confirms a green 2022 Bronco color for MY22! *Not Filson Wildland Fire Rig Green*

    The shape of the car def works for earth tones like green and sand colors. It doesn’t work for colors like cactus grey. Toyota 4Runner trd pro comes with a similar color lunar rock and looks waaaaaaaaaaaay better on the 4Runner. Cactus grey and Area 51 are just the best of the bad options we got...
  9. Levine says 2022 Bronco (22MY) will get multiple new colors and special editions

    Why wouldn’t they? If they only make 50000 this year that means they will probably have to make 200000-300000 in 2022 just to fill all the orders. Same goes for parts makers. The company that makes the hard tops will have to make 200000-300000 instead of the 50000 they cried about making in 2021.
  10. Levine says 2022 Bronco (22MY) will get multiple new colors and special editions

    I like how everyone thinks the process of getting a 2022 will be easier, smoother, and less painful than getting a 2021. I wonder how long before we start talking about my2023? ?
  11. Everyone thinks the bronco sport is the Bronco.

    I’m waiting for the “my dealership ordered me a bronco sport” thread. It doesn’t look like dealerships know the difference either.
  12. Everyone thinks the bronco sport is the Bronco.

    Well considering the dealerships are calling people and telling them they have the new bronco it’s a pretty big deal. The dealership in the story I linked didn’t even correct the news that it wasn’t the bronco but the bronco sport.
  13. Everyone thinks the bronco sport is the Bronco.

    So I’m getting kinda tired of this. I drive a 2012 raptor and it’s an aggressive vehicle. I tell people at work and friends I’m trading it in for a bronco and they flip out. They obviously think I’m talking about the bronco sport. Even dealers think the bronco sport and the bronco are the same...
  14. MY2022 may be better option based on F150 Roll out

    Yea I’m considering a 2021 Toyota 4Runner now. I’ve emailed my dealer and they haven’t even reached out yet and to be honest the shine of the bronco is kinda wearing off. It’s only a nice off-road suv if it has all the bells and whistles. It look ugly without the Sasquatch package and the soft...
  15. Bronco allocations released to dealers

    Apparently the new Raptor will be announced on Feb 3rd. Another option for those who may not want to wait.
  16. Bronco allocations released to dealers

    What happens if ford doesn’t fill all its orders for the 2021 model year? They will have to compete with other suv and trucks for 2022. The cyber truck is not everyone cup of tea but I’m sure if some of us have to wait till 2022 they might consider just going with that. The new generation of...
  17. Bronco allocations released to dealers

    How about we delete this and keep this between you and me. ?
  18. Bronco allocations released to dealers

    Jeep also has enough hard tops for their wranglers. ?
  19. Bronco allocations released to dealers

    The Bronco uses the ranger platform engine and transmission. The 2.7 is used in the f150. Yes it’s mostly all new but it’s not. The bronco sport has different body panels than the escape and ford didn’t have issues popping those babies out. Ford should have had the roof situation done a year...